Paramount Plus is proof we’ve hit peak streaming
2021-03-07 08:51

Something my mom said about the recent streaming landscape stuck with me while watching a three-hour event for Paramount Plus.

我的妈妈在观看Paramount Plus的三小时活动时说了最近关于流媒体的话题。

“I'm sometimes searching on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, [and] HBO when I'm bored, and I often am, and I still can't figure out what I want to watch,” she said. “Maybe too much choice isn't always good!”

她说:“无聊时,我有时会在Netflix,Amazon Prime Video和HBO上进行搜索,而我经常这样做,但我仍然不知道自己想看什么。” “也许太多的选择并不总是很好!”

Companies like ViacomCBS, Disney, Apple, Amazon, NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, and even Fox would say otherwise. They're in the midst of pivoting to a streaming-first or streaming-focused strategy, figuring out their way into the world with individual platforms — many of which come with a plus sign at the end. More, the plus sign signals; more, more, more. Paramount Plus is just the latest, and arguably the last, big entry in the space. Has it finally hit the point where there's too much choice?


During its event, ViacomCBS executives announced more than 50 new projects, a combination of shows, documentaries, films, and specials for Paramount Plus. The titles hail from Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, Showtime, Comedy Central, and others, and all are supposed to get people excited enough to sign up. Over the next four years, ViacomCBS is increasing its spending on streaming to $5 billion and hoping to bring in 65 to 75 million subscribers around the world. The service launches on March 4th for $9.99 a month. A cheaper, ad-supported option will be available in June for $4.99.

在活动期间,ViacomCBS的高管宣布了50多个新项目,这些项目包括表演,纪录片,电影和Paramount Plus的特别节目。头衔来自Nickelodeon,MTV,BET,Showtime,Comedy Central等,所有这些都应该引起人们的兴奋,足以报名参加。在未来四年中,ViacomCBS将其在流媒体方面的支出增加到50亿美元,并希望在全球范围内吸引65至7500万订户。该服务于3月4日启动,每月收费9.99美元。较便宜的广告支持选项将于6月上市,价格为4.99美元。

Executives are hopeful that Paramount Plus has the potential to become a major revenue source. The potential for Paramount Plus to reach incredible heights, the potential for it to generate a meaningful profit for ViacomCBS, is everything. There's a glaring problem with potential equations, with trying to evaluate just how much someone will want to switch over from Netflix or Disney Plus to Paramount Plus — what if the opposite happens and the potential to lose out actually happens instead?

高管们希望派拉蒙Plus有潜力成为主要的收入来源。派拉蒙加上可能达到令人难以置信的高度,潜力它生成ViacomCBS有意义的利润,就是一切。潜在方程式存在一个明显的问题,试图评估某人将要从Netflix或Disney Plus转换为Paramount Plus的可能性–如果相反的情况发生了,而失败的可能性实际上发生了怎么办?

Realistically, most of these streaming platforms don't need to exist. To go one step further, a few seem to exist solely to appease internal pressures and demands in the middle of a rapidly accelerating and changing entertainment industry. Companies feel like they have to own the content, and distribution paths, in order to keep their heads above water. In order for a streaming service to really work, it needs to accomplish a few things, but it all boils down to one core idea: it has to fulfill a need. Or, a streaming service has to be a nonnegotiable purchase. People feel like they can't sacrifice not having it. Two primary examples are Netflix and Disney Plus.

实际上,这些流媒体平台中的大多数并不需要存在。更进一步,在快速发展和瞬息万变的娱乐行业中,似乎只有一些情况可以缓解内部压力和需求。公司感到他们必须拥有内容和分发路径,才能保持领先地位。为了使流服务真正发挥作用,它需要完成一些事情,但这全都归结为一个核心思想:它必须满足需求。或者,流媒体服务必须是不可转让的购买。人们觉得自己不能为了没有它而牺牲。两个主要示例是Netflix和Disney Plus。

Netflix, benefitting by being first and adapting extraordinarily fast when needed, has made it nearly impossible to leave. For $14 a month, there's a new highly talked-about movie or TV show every week, and a large library to keep people watching. Netflix executives have hedged their licensing bets to keep shows they don't own but people really want to watch. This prevents them from canceling. Those they can't keep are likely easy to replicate.

Netflix得益于第一,并在需要时可以快速适应,这使它几乎不可能离开。每月14美元,每周都会有一个新的备受关注的电影或电视节目,还有一个大型图书馆供人们观看。 Netflix的高管对冲了他们的许可赌注,以保留他们不拥有的节目,但人们真的很想观看。这样可以防止它们取消。他们无法保留的内容很容易复制。

Think of Netflix's reality and unscripted TV plan, which bears similarities to MTV, Bravo, and Discovery. Like Real Housewives or Vanderpump Rules? Netflix has Bling Empire, Selling Sunset, and The Real Lives of Bollywood Wives. As co-CEO Ted Sarandos said on a recent earnings call, Netflix wants to be the place “where [people] come to us for their favorite show.”

想想Netflix的现实和无脚本的电视计划,它与MTV,Bravo和Discovery相似。像真正的家庭主妇还是范德普规则? Netflix有《 Bling Empire》 ,《 Selling Sunset 》和《宝莱坞妻子的真实生活》 。正如联席首席执行官Ted Sarandos在最近的财报电话会议上所说, Netflix希望成为“ [人们]来找我们最喜欢的节目的地方。”

On the flip side, there's Disney Plus, closing in on 100 million subscribers within 14 months of its initial launch. (To put this in perspective, by 2024, ViacomCBS expects to have 65-75 million subscribers across its streaming platforms globally; in the same time frame, Disney is estimating between 300 and 350 million for its services.) Disney's entire strategy is laid out in every single advertisement: it's Disney, it's Pixar, it's Marvel, it's Star Wars, it's National Geographic. This is Disney and Disney is this, and it's only on Disney Plus.

另一方面,还有迪士尼Plus,在首次推出后的14个月内就吸引了1亿订户。 (从角度来看,到2024年,ViacomCBS预计其流媒体平台的全球用户将达到65-75百万;与此同时,迪士尼估计其服务的数量在300到3.5亿之间。)迪士尼的整体战略已经制定在每个广告中:迪士尼,皮克斯,漫威,星球大战,国家地理。这是迪斯尼,而迪斯尼就是这个,而且仅在迪斯尼Plus上。

Brand identity is everything. People know they have to sign up for Disney Plus to watch Marvel movies or shows, while Marvel and Star Wars stay on top of the conversation through weekly releases of highly anticipated shows that dominate conversation. Paramount Plus has brand power, but it's not as instantly recognizable. During the event, certain shows were highlighted as reasons to get Paramount Plus. A new iCarly, new Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra, new Criminal Minds. All these shows are available to stream on Netflix, where they've found a big audience, but it's unclear how many people associate those series with ViacomCBS or how many people will sign up for Paramount Plus to watch those same series.

品牌标识就是一切。人们知道他们必须注册Disney Plus才能观看Marvel电影或电视节目,而Marvel和《星球大战》则通过每周发布的占主导地位的备受期待的节目来保持对话的领先地位。派拉蒙增强版(Paramount Plus)具有品牌影响力,但并不能立即被识别出来。活动期间,突出显示了某些演出是获得派拉蒙Plus的原因。新的iCarly,新的头像:The Last AirbenderKorra的传说,新的犯罪心理。所有这些节目都可以在Netflix上流式传输,他们在这里吸引了大批观众,但是目前尚不清楚有多少人将这些系列与ViacomCBS相关联,或者有多少人将注册Paramount Plus观看相同的系列。

Launching a streaming service may solve an issue for a company, but asking customers to sign up for another platform and pay for another app — especially when they're used to having things on Netflix — isn't consumer friendly. Some folks may begrudgingly say, “Fine, I'll sign up for Paramount Plus for Criminal Minds,” but unless there's a weekly reason to justify that purchase, and leave people feeling excited about it, the process feels like a chore. Other people may decide they can live without Criminal Minds — perhaps make a one-time purchase on iTunes or Amazon — and stick to the medley of streaming services they already use.

推出流媒体服务可能会解决公司的问题,但要求客户注册另一个平台并购买另一个应用程序(特别是当他们习惯在Netflix上购物时)对消费者并不友好。有些人可能会不情愿地说:“好吧,我会为犯罪心理报名参加Paramount Plus”,但除非有每周的理由证明购买该产品是合理的,并让人们对此感到兴奋,否则整个过程就像是一件琐事。其他人可能会决定他们可以没有犯罪心理生活-也许在iTunes或亚马逊上一次性购买商品-并坚持使用已经使用的流媒体服务。

There's a very good chance Paramount Plus could work. It has one of the biggest libraries of all the streaming services. There's a live aspect to it combining sports and news. Movies like Mission: Impossible 7 and A Quiet Place 2 will debut on Paramount Plus just 45 days after they're in theaters. Keep throwing things at the wall, and eventually one of the new shows will likely become something people want to watch and therefore finally sign up for Paramount Plus.

派拉蒙(Paramount)Plus很有可能工作。它具有所有流服务中最大的库之一。将体育和新闻结合起来是一个活生生的方面。上映45天后, 《碟中谍7》《寂静的地方2》等电影将在派拉蒙影城上映。不断往墙上扔东西,最终新节目之一可能会成为人们想要观看的东西,因此最终签约Paramount Plus。

At the same time, in an era of way, way too much TV, where things get lost on Netflix and Hulu all the time, moving things to Paramount Plus isn't going to help. Emily in Paris is a Paramount show that was sold to Netflix. On Netflix, it found an audience, but would it have found the same audience on Paramount Plus, where there's 10 percent of the audience base? Things often pop on Netflix simply because they're on Netflix. It's easier for 200 million subscribers to turn something into a cultural hit than 19 million.

同时,在一个时代,电视太多了,东西总是在Netflix和Hulu上迷失了,将东西转移到Paramount Plus上将无济于事。巴黎的Emily是最重要的节目,已出售给Netflix。在Netflix上,它找到了一个受众群体,但是会在派拉蒙Plus上找到相同的受众群体吗?该群体拥有10%的受众群体?事物之所以经常在Netflix上流行,仅仅是因为它们在Netflix上。 2亿订户将某事转变为文化热潮要比1900万容易。

The biggest problem Paramount Plus will face is answering why someone needs it. HBO Max and Peacock are facing similar hurdles. Netflix has proven why people need it, and so has Disney Plus. People could argue that customers didn't need a Disney Plus, but the company offered new series and old favorites on a platform designed around child safety, with no chance of a kid stumbling upon an R-rated movie. That fulfills a need for parents.

派拉蒙Plus将面临的最大问题是回答为什么有人需要它。 HBO Max和孔雀面临着类似的障碍。 Netflix已经证明了人们为什么需要它,迪斯尼Plus也是如此。人们可能会争辩说,客户不需要迪士尼Plus,但该公司在围绕儿童安全设计的平台上提供了新的系列和旧的收藏夹,没有机会让孩子绊倒R级电影。满足了父母的需要。

Paramount Plus may contain an impressive library and may be home to some of the biggest TV networks and studios in the world, but it doesn't fix a problem, it creates one. Shows and movies used to be on Netflix, a ubiquitous streaming service. Now they're not. Not everyone has to be a distributor and a content producer. Over time, we'll start to see companies realize that more and more.


Last night, I went to bed watching iCarly on Netflix, a show I loved as a kid but forgot about over time. If, and when, it eventually leaves Netflix, I'm not going to seek it out somewhere else. I'll just find something else on Netflix.

昨晚,我上床睡觉了,在Netflix上观看iCarly ,这是我小时候爱过的节目,但随着时间的流逝,却忘了。如果最终何时离开Netflix,我不会在其他地方找到它。我会在Netflix上找到其他内容。

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