How to enhance memory.
2020-07-26 08:33

If you can't find something you put in, and can't even remember your friend's name, it's time to exercise your brain and enhance your memory. The brain needs exercise and stimulation to maintain healthy and normal function, and there are many simple and interesting ways to enhance memory.

So what can be done to enhance memory?

1, full sleep and relaxation.

The brain needs rest to fully function, so getting enough sleep is important. In addition, sleep allows the brain to store information collected during the day. If you don't get enough sleep, you'll get serious memory and forgetfulness.

2, control pressure.

Mental fatigue, stress and anxiety are the enemies of memory. Yoga and meditation exercises can help people improve their concentration, which is essential for memory. Similarly, you should avoid distractions, and the mind will think too much at the same time rather than focus on what is happening, which can lead to forgetfulness.

3, sports.

Exercise has many benefits, not only for your body and health, but also for your brain health, which can enhance memory and attention. It is recommended to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, and it is important to choose one of your favorite activities to be fit for your physical health.

4, training the brain.

The brain needs stimulation to maintain normal function, so it must be exercised. There are many games that allow you to keep your brain in optimal shape, and frequent brain movements can help it improve function, which can improve memory. A 15-minute brain training exercise at least 5 days a week can improve brain function, short-term memory and problem-solving.

5, learn new things.

There is no age limit to learning new things, learning more about new knowledge, interesting and stimulating activities that will make people remember deeply and improve brain function. For example, you can learn a new language, take cooking or painting classes, read biographies or historical novels, and stimulate the brain by remembering certain information.

6, eat more healthy food.

Many foods are rich in special antioxidants and vitamins that improve memory. Try adding more green tea, blueberries, salmon, broccoli, broccoli and dark chocolate to your diet, all of which are good for your brain and memory.

7, reduce sugar intake.

Sugary foods, while delicious, can cause memory loss, and a diet of high-sugar drinks is linked to Alzheimer's disease. Drinking too many sugary drinks, including fruit juice, may reduce the brain's total capacity, an early sign of Alzheimer's disease. Avoiding too much sugar can help fight this risk. Natural sweets such as fruit can be eaten as a beneficial supplement to a healthy diet, with less sugary drinks and foods added to processed sugar.

Memory weakens as you get older. It's never too late to learn to enhance memory, and don't forget that the more times the brain is used, the better it is for your brain's health. Follow these tips and tricks to restore your brain to agility and maintain a good memory.

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