I Don't Like the Former Self Either
2020-07-25 00:12

Popular TV series "want to see you" , 27-year-old Huang Yuxuan, the soul to 1998, attached to the 17-year-old Girl Chen Yunru body. The two of them look the same, but have very different personalities. They talk and do things in completely different styles.

Chen Yun such as introversion, self-abased, no friends, not good at communication, come and go alone, secretly love not like their own sunshine boy. She was ashamed that her mother was a hostess, and she would walk past her mother's work place with her head down. Her parents divorced, they all want to take the younger brother to live together, she tried to behave well, efforts, but in the hearts of her parents her presence is always some weak..

When Huang Yuxuan's soul enters Chen Yunru's body, everything is different. Huang Yuxuan becomes generous and bright, because he has always lived in a loving environment and is cheerful and confident, coupled with a mature mind brought about by age and experience, she was quick to break the ice in her relationships. She takes care of her hungover mother, knows what to drink, and teaches her mother to "flash" and to drink less during social gatherings; she is good at basketball and quickly acquires a new group of Friends; she speaks bluntly and is direct in her criticism of her brother's slacking behavior, but when his younger brother was bullied in a timely manner, pretending to be "too young" to scare away those bad classmates... 27-year-old Huang Yuxuan is very understanding of his mother's work, and openly talked to his younger brother about this matter, told him that his mother is because of love, only then did they and their brother do the work that sounds like a sham: "She has someone important in her heart that she wants to protect, so she can put aside her self-esteem and try to please others when life doesn't go her way. No matter how hard she is, she will find a way to carry on. " No one doesn't like this sunny atmosphere, get along with people comfortable, there is a sense of security of the girl, and Chen Yun such as the sun can not be hard to love the boy, all of a sudden was attracted by Huang Yuxuan.

Although they have the same good-looking face, but different mental outlook, they have different relations with the people around them. Sometimes a relationship between someone else and you is a two-way street. It's just that sometimes you get stuck in your upbringing, your mindset, and you get stuck, and you see only the negative.

When Chen Yunru's soul returns, her younger brother told her bluntly: "finally began to like you, you do not change back to the old annoying look. " The new friend in the class also said: "The former you super gloomy. " Chen Yunru wry smile, "I don't like who I was any more than you do, " he said

She didn't dare to change back to her original self, more because she was afraid of losing the boy's affection for her. She practiced the Radian of her smile in the mirror and tried to be graceful, but she was still not Huang Yuxuan. To Chen Yunru's selfish, has the view, the public indicated that this is "blackens" Chen Yunru, such as Chen Yunru is disgusting, she should be honest some, makes way for the male and female lead's sweet love. However, for a 17-year-old sensitive, introverted girl, does not have the ability to make people like, there is no meaning of existence? Because she wasn't loved, or because her family didn't make her feel loved -- yes, mom loved her, but often she loved her brother more, which led her to think she was being abandoned; he cared, but words and -- The action is more about rejection. Everyone in the family lived rough and hard, and when no one could communicate well, she chose to hide and live hard. This sensitivity and "gloom" made her less popular with her peers and fearful of being told she had work to do and would be saved.

In the film and Television Works, such a character is not popular, we always like the protagonist "three views" super-right, they always have a solution, every word and every action can become our example. However, many people in life, in the growth of this, or that kind of not bright moment, they timid, at a loss, stumbled over. Fortunately, with the passage of time, they step by step insight, bit by bit mature, slowly out. Some people are born lucky Huang Yuxuan, and some people are not so lucky Chen Yunru, but a little longer, they found their own light, has another kind of open life.

To be honest, I didn't like myself when I was 17 either, but people grow up at 17. Experience makes you understand, and because you understand, you are merciful. To grow up does not mean to abandon the past, to understand and respect the ridiculous self, and also love those who are struggling in youth, "Chen Yunru" . Introverted you, also very beautiful, there are people secretly love you, appreciate you.

(Serena, from young people, 2020 issue 2, visual China.)

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