America Dairy 79: Why A Black Life Overweights Tens of Thousands of American lives
2020-06-22 07:32

Today, the confirmed Convid-19 cases in  America   has reached 21,170,027 with its death toll up to 116,831.

Today, a friend from Boston told me, Berklee College of Music, the school where Nana Ou-yang study at, was forced to apologized to American people for allowing policemen to visit its toilets. What was seen in Hong kong last year happened here in the same way. So I hope the USA would work harder to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! In addition, Nana Ou-yang used to say as Zhang Yuqi did that work as a star entertainer in China was a high-risk choice, but as I see it, studying at Berklee College of Music is a real high-risk challenge…

Today,my friend Donald Trump said, it was a mistake for American police to take an one-size-fits-all approach, for example, to forbid them from using a choke-hold posture to suppress criminals, instead, policemen should assess it case by case and use the measure to run down criminals if they were one-to-one with the criminals and the latter were strong enough in a pressing situation. And then, should the criminals be released? Then the police said we should try it again without using the measure? Whether we should use the measure or not, it should depend on the hardship from the resistance we encounter and the exact balance of power. However, I suggest Trump stop letting out too much things or his real identity would be exposed. Are you not really an outstanding student of Marxism-Leninism?

Today, my friends in Seattle told me that there have been a number of recent rapes in the Hill County borough that Seattle founded... I have to say, I watched this episode in Hong Kong, so what was their purpose? Is it to force freedom?? In the future, don't call it America, just call it America rape...

Today, my friends in Ukraine told me, it's over! Zelenski didn't take my advice and became the second Trudeau! Zelenski's wife was diagnosed yesterday with pneumonia in the United States. But today zelenski's test came back negative. All I can say is, Zelenski, there may be something wrong with your family. Although there is nothing wrong with your lungs, there may be something wrong with your hair...

Today, an American friend sent me a video, the video on the American kindergarten children came out to participate in the protest. This kind of thing is called brainwashing in China! In the United States, in the words of the square not round, or American children play, don't take it seriously...

Today, American journalist friends told me that the reason why the United States invaded many countries is: this country needs democracy, and the United States wants to send democracy to this country! So, now that so many journalists have been arrested in the US, it is clear that there is a serious lack of democracy in America! So, now the United States needs other countries to invade, need other countries to invade the United States to send democracy, American journalists need Canada to invade the United States, for the United States to send democracy!

This weekend, let me tell you a funny story. Daniel Thorson, a man in America, does not believe in God. He believes in Buddha. It is well known that buddhists often practice isolated meditation. Seventy-five days ago, this American man went to a remote monastery to meditate. There was no Internet, no cell phone, and the world was cut off from the rest of the world. As a result, the American man came home from his meditation stunned and filled with question marks. This American man feels as if he's been meditating not for 75 days, but for 75 years. What's going on in America? How did this happen?? This American man, if he goes to meditate for another 75 days and comes back, maybe America is gone...

Today, my friends on Twitter told me, you know what is politically correct? Our Twitter LOGO is the real political correctness! When I took a look, the twitter bird LOGO changed to black, and the circle around it was rainbow color. It was both pro-black and pro-gay, which was doubly politically correct! However, I don't think twitter is politically correct enough. How can you prove that this bird is a female bird and not a male bird? If it is a male bird, your Twitter is suspected of serious misogyny. So, your LOGO will continue to change! In addition, every day in the United States, the drama is proving again and again, the United States pneumonia in China hurt the lung, in the United States is really brain injury...

Today, in the United States, that's pretty much it. A few days ago, Jerry Guo made a video to answer the question "Why is it better to die a black man than to die a hundred thousand people in America?" Guo said that if something needs to cause social shock in the United States, three conditions need to be met: first, it needs to be something easy to understand, with a simple causal relationship, preferably with a short video or photo; Second, it can reflect an existing social problem, which can strike a chord with most people. Third, this social problem can make most people angry.

Jerry Guo is quite right, but I don't think jerry Guo has made it clear because maybe because of the limited time of the video, so I'll add a little bit today.

Let's talk about China first. After MAO founded new China, he has been working hard to eliminate illiteracy. Now China's nine-year compulsory education has been popular for many years. In addition to basic education, think about it. Every year, there are a lot of movies and TV plays that we come into contact with. Every year, there are a lot of works that instill in our mind the various dynasties in Chinese history and the struggles among different groups of people in a pleasant way. In addition to basic education, in addition to movies and TV dramas, China has countless books dedicated to breaking up, give you a detailed analysis of the struggle of each dynasty in China... So in China, from a taxi driver to a security guard, almost anyone can tell you anything about the current state of the world...

Let's take a look at the United States. Many of you have seen a popular video about how much two plus two equals. In the United States, thanks to years of brainwashing and happiness education, the IQ of most Americans only stays at the level of two plus two equals twenty-two. Only a small number of American elites have the spirit of independent thinking. In addition, the United States does not have a history of 5,000 years like China, which is like, if a Chinese in the history of China is like a particularly huge library, can learn from all aspects of knowledge! And an American has a page in the history of the United States, which is not enough to wipe his ass on. Therefore, Americans learn nothing from the history of the United States, which makes most Americans a bunch of brainless fools...

Then the problem is simple! For Americans, because pneumonia kills hundreds of thousands of people in the United States, the problem is too complicated. Just like a primary school student, let him do college math problems, he does not understand, so, even if americans died tens of thousands of people, they have no waves in their hearts, because their IQ does not allow them to have waves! But for most Americans, the problem of a white police officer killing a black man is much simpler. Like a American schoolchildren, although even the "two plus two equals a few" such a simple math problem will not, however, because the American schoolchildren inherited the ancestral rogue genes, but he is especially good at fighting, so, a white man killed a black man, this question is easy to understand, so, most americans are angry!!!!

Finally, a good news this weekend! A few days ago, my American diary said that the American protesters smashed a jewelry store of Chinese descent, even the owner of her mother's legs were broken, is in ICU rescue, the owner lamented that so many years of immigration efforts in vain! At that time, my comment was if you are Chinese who love China, find a way back, America is too dangerous! If the Chinese don't love China, their own choices, their own results.

Now, many enthusiastic Internet users have dug up the owner's information, it turns out that his family is Taiwan province immigrants to the United States, and the whole family is Taiwan poison! When things went wrong in China, Americans, Chinese public officials, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong were all gloating! Now, Taiwan poison her mother has her legs broken by the Americans, please allow me to also gloat, a healthy society, there should be different voices, gloating is also a voice, really is retribution. ​​​​

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