Ori Living 与宜家合作,计划 2020 年推出可变式家具

Ori Living partners with IKEA to bring robotic furniture to customers by 2020
Ori Living 与宜家合作,计划 2020 年推出可变式家具
2019-06-12 16:54
Ori Living 与宜家合作,计划 2020 年推出可变式家具

Welcome to the robotic bedroom of the future, coming in 2020 to tiny apartments beginning in Hong Kong and Japan, but expanding around the world.

欢迎来到未来的变形卧室,它将于 2020 年首先进入香港和日本的小型公寓,之后会扩展到世界各地。

IKEA is now selling robotic furniture that can convert from a storage and seating unit into a bed and closet — and back again.



The new line of furniture, based on the company’s PLATSA storage unit, is called ROGNAN and is designed to use space inside the home more efficiently, especially as housing units become smaller to accommodate the 1.5 million people who move to a city somewhere in the world every week, IKEA said in a statement.

宜家在一份声明中表示,这个新的家具产品系列名为 ROGNAN,它基于该公司的储物单元 PLATSA 打造,旨在更有效地利用家居空间,特别是在住房空间越来越小的背景下,因为全世界每周都有 150 万人迁入城市居住。

“We have been working with developing small space living solutions for a long time, and we know that some of the biggest challenges in peoples’ homes are storage and finding the place to do all the activities that you’d want to do in your home,” said Seana Strawn, product developer for new innovations at IKEA of Sweden, in a statement. “This is especially the case in big cities where people have to make compromises in the functions of their homes. We wanted to change that.”

“我们长期以来一直致力于开发小空间居住解决方案,我们知道人们在家中遇到的一些最大挑战是储物以及找到可以从事家居活动的空间。” 瑞典宜家的新创新产品设计师西娜·斯特朗(Seana Strawn)在一份声明中说,“这在大城市中尤其如此,城市居民在家居功能上不得不做出妥协,我们希望改变这种状况。”


Conversations between Ori Living and IKEA have been underway for the past two years and the launch of the collaboration in Hong Kong in 2020 is only the first step in their collaboration, according to Ori Living chief executive Hasier Larrea.

据 Ori Living 首席执行官哈希尔·拉雷亚(Hasier Larrea)称,过去两年 Ori Living 和宜家一直在进行对话,他们将于 2020 年在香港发布的产品只是双方合作的第一步。

“People across the US have been living large in a small footprint with Ori’s robotic interiors since we introduced our first commercial product two years ago. At about the same time, we began working with IKEA to bring robotic furniture to the world,” Larrea said in a statement. “We share IKEA’s passion to enable people to make the most of their living spaces, and look forward to helping realize this as we continue to develop living spaces for the next generation.”

“自从我们在两年前推出第一款商用产品以来,美国各地的人们在 Ori 可变形家具产品的帮助下得以在小面积住所中享有更大的居住空间。大约在同一时间,我们开始跟宜家合作,以将可变形家具带到世界各地。” 拉雷亚在一份声明中说,“我们跟宜家享有相同的志趣,即让人们能够充分利用自己的生活空间。随着我们继续开发下一代生活空间解决方案,我们期待能够帮助实现这一目标。”

Born from research conducted by Larrea and MIT professor Kent Larson at the university’s famous Media Lab, Ori launched in 2015 as a way to reduce the footprint of living spaces in urban environments.

Ori 成立于 2015 年,它诞生自拉雷亚和麻省理工学院媒体实验室肯特·拉尔森(Kent Larson)教授合作开展的一项研究。Ori 的使命是找到一种方法,减少城市环境中生活空间的占地面积。

The two men were inspired by the Urban Land Institute’s blockbuster study, “The Macro View on Micro Units,” and collaborated with rock-star designer Yves Béhar to create bed/storage/workspace units that were designed to meet the needs of folks who are trying to do more in increasingly cramped urban spaces.

两人的灵感来自城市土地学会(ULI)的一项大型研究,即 “The Macro View on Micro Units”,他们跟明星设计师伊夫·贝阿尔(Yves Béhar)合作制造了一个集床、储物和工作空间于一体的单元,以期满足城市居民的需求。

The company’s first system consists of a retractable bed that can slide in or out at the push of a button from a wall-mounted controller, an app on a smart phone, or by using a skill the company has programmed into Alexa.

Ori 推出的第一款系统包含了可伸缩的床,用户可以通过壁挂控制器上的按钮进行控制,也可以使用安装在智能手机上的应用,或者通过 Alexa 进行语音控制。

With IKEA, Ori Systems has licensed the technology and will leave the manufacturing to IKEA and its incredibly sophisticated supply chain. “With this collaboration there is a license arrangement, which is one of the ways Ori can work with partners due to our technology’s modularity,” Larrea wrote in an email.

在达成合作之后,Ori 把这项技术授权给了宜家,而且制造工作也将由宜家及其复杂的供应链完成。“在这项合作中,我们制定了一项许可协议,通过它 Ori 将能跟合作伙伴展开合作,这得益于我们的技术具有模块化特性。” 拉雷亚在一封电邮中写道。

“With ROGNAN, small space living customers will no longer have to compromise their needs, dreams or comfort in order to achieve a multi-functional living environment. With ROGNAN the customer gets eight extra square meters of living space, using robotics to transform the solution from bedroom to walk-in closet, to work space, to living room. An all-in-one solution activated through a simple interface touchpad,” says Seana Strawn.

“有了 ROGNAN 之后,居住在小面积空间的消费者将不再需要在自身的需求、梦想或舒适度上做出妥协,他们一样能够拥有多功能的生活环境。有了 ROGNAN 之后,消费者将能获得额外 8 平方米的生活空间,使用变形技术将我们的解决方案从床转化为步入式衣橱、转换为工作空间,转换为客厅。这是一套一体化解决方案,消费者使用简单的触控板就能进行控制。” 西娜·斯特朗说。

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