Nanobébé 奶瓶入选2018年《时代》杂志最佳发明榜单
Nanobébé Bottle Is One of TIME's Best Inventions of 2018
2019-01-19 14:31

For decades, baby bottles have been cylindrical—a design that, while functional, can be confusing for breastfed infants and problematic for parents who need to heat milk quickly and evenly. So longtime friends Ayal Lanternari and Asaf Kehat set out to make a better one: Nanobébé ($11, excluding accessories like warmer and drying rack). With more surface area than a traditional bottle, it allows milk to heat and cool twice as fast, which preserves critical nutrients. Its domelike shape resembles an actual breast, which can comfort bottle--resistant tykes. And it’s topple-proof, thanks to a thin silicone edge and low center of gravity. Lanternari hopes Nanobébé will help parents everywhere, including dads like him. “You want to give the best to your baby,” he says. —Eliza Berman

几十年来,婴儿奶瓶一直是圆柱形的 - 这种设计虽然功能齐全,但可能会让接受母乳喂养的婴儿感到困惑,而且对父母来说也是个问题:不利于快速、均匀加热。所以,Ayal Lanternari 和 Asaf Kehat 一直在努力设计更好的奶瓶: Nanobébé 11美元 ,不包括保温器和晾干架等配件)。该奶瓶比传统奶瓶表面积更大,能将加热和冷却速度提高两倍,更有利于保留关键的营养成分。该奶瓶圆顶形状像真乳,可以让抵触奶瓶的婴儿不抵触奶瓶喂奶。该设计边缘硅胶很薄、重心很低,具有防倾倒功能。 Lanternari 希望 Nanobébé 奶瓶能帮到世界各地的父母,包括像他这样的奶爸。 “你也想给宝宝最好的吧,”他说。 - —Eliza Berman

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