科学告诉你 为什么旅游让我们更健康
Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health, According To Science
2018-09-17 12:15

I have this idea that in the olden times, so to speak, when people were ill or having a rough patch mentally, doctors would recommend their patients simply take a little trip and get some sea air. While in the age of modern medicine, and heck, even new age medicine, that seems a little whacky, in reality, those docs might have been onto something. While trips and vacations might seem like simply a luxury, according to science, traveling really is good for your health. So you might want to do what you can to make some space for it. 


Now, while it probably won't cure the flu you already have, in terms of your overall well-being, getting the heck out of dodge is a good idea to keep things in check, since a change of scenery can really give you more than just a good time and a few good Instagram posts.


If you're going back and forth about whether or not to book those flights for spring break, or even just to visit Aunt Madge upstate, I say go for it. According to the U.S. Travel Association about 54 percent of Americans are leaving their time off benefits unused, so here are some research backed reasons for you to go ahead and treat yourself to a little vacation.


      1  It Will Relieve Your Stress 

1  旅行可以释放你的压力

Yes, sometimes you let go of all your life stressors, you just gotta remove yourself for awhile. A study done by The American Psychological Association focusing on stress in America showed that traveling aides in our ability to handle stress by removing us from sources of anxiety and difficult emotions.


Something about the break just teaches you that it's all going to be OK, ya know?


 2  It Keeps You Heart Healthy, My Friend

2  旅行可以让你的心脏和心灵保持健康

That's right; taking trips is actually good for your ticker, on a physical and emotional level.


Part of a long-term study called The Framingham Heart Study illustrates this pretty darn well. Female participants in the study, aged 45-64, were asked how often they went on vacations. Then, in follow-up study 20 years later, researchers found overall that the women who took pleasure trips every six years or less were at a much lower risk of developing heart problems.

有一份名为《弗拉明汉心脏研究》的长期研究报告,其中有些内容充分证明了这一点的正确性。这份报告的参与者为年龄在45到64岁之间的女性,研究人员会询问她们多久度一次假。 研究人员还对她们进行了为期20年的跟踪调查,结果发现,总体而言,每六年或不到六年进行一次愉快旅行的女性,她们患心脏病的风险相对要低得多。

Crazy, right?


      3  It Enhances Creativity

3  旅行可以增强你的创造力

Having a bout of artist's block? Get outta town! Now, I know I'm not alone in saying that I've often found some of my greatest inspirations for writing or art while traveling.

想要成为艺术家? 那就快从小镇中走出去!现在我知道了,能在旅行中找到写作或艺术创作灵感的人,原来不止我一个。

Studies show that there is a link between taking trips and activating your creativity, too. In part, this is simply because you are experiencing and seeing new things and new cultures, but it really can be a catalyst for great work, as it actually allows your brain to make new pathways and connections.


      4  It Makes You A Better Person

4  旅行可以让你变成更好的自己

Yeah, traveling makes you more empathetic, open minded, and gives you a broader understanding of the world at large. The travel site Momondo did a study that showed that 76 percent of people surveyed say that traveling has made them more tolerant, trusting, and accepting of others.

是的,旅行会让你变得更有同情心,思想更开放,会让你对整个世界有更广阔的认识。 旅游网站Momondo曾经做过一项关于旅行如何影响人们的研究,其中76%的受访者表示,旅行让他们变得更有宽容心、更有信任感、更容易接纳他人。

      5  It Makes Us Feel More Connected To Each Other 

5  旅行可以拉近与他人的关系

Which is kind of the point of everything, wouldn't you say?


Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University has been studying the correlation between money and happiness for over twenty years. He told Fast Company that his research shows that people who spend their money on experiences are generally much happier than people who spend their money on items, and it helps us feel connected and involved with other people.

康奈尔大学的心理学教授Thomas Gilovich博士,20多年来一直在研究金钱与幸福之间的关系。 他根据自己多年来的研究告诉Fast Company,把钱用于体验生活的人通常要比那些花钱享受物质的人更快乐,而且这些体验有助于我们与他人建立更紧密的联系,拉近与他人的关系。

Gilovich says in Fast Company,

Gilovich对Fast Company说,

We consume experiences directly with other people. And after they’re gone, they’re part of the stories that we tell to one another.


That's enough reason right there, don't you think?


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