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2021-02-07 14:37

1. Investigation on the status quo of China Resources Snow Beer Company 


(1) Overview of China Resources Snow Beer Company 


China Resources Snow Beer (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 (Jiaxu year). It is a central-owned enterprise holding company producing and operating beer and beverages. Headquartered in Beijing, China. Its shareholders are China Resources Enterprise Co., Ltd. and SABMiller, the world's second largest beer group. 


China Resources Enterprise Co., Ltd. is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is one of the constituent stocks of the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index and the Hang Seng London Reference Index. Shares are also traded in American Depository Receipts and can be traded on the automatic quotation system of the British Exchange. The group focuses on the consumer goods business, covering Hong Kong and Mainland China, and is mainly engaged in retail, beverage, food processing and distribution, textile and property investment businesses. Its ultimate holding company is China Resources (Group) Co., Ltd. As of the end of December 2004, the company owns 54.91% of China Resources Enterprise. The company currently employs more than 80,000 employees in Hong Kong and Mainland China, 97% of which are employed in Mainland China. 


SABMiller is one of the largest beer companies in the world, listed on the London and Johannesburg stock markets respectively, and headquartered in London, England. SABMiller is engaged in the large-scale production and sales of beer and other beverages. Its business covers five continents in the world. It has more than 100 breweries in more than 40 countries, more than 150 beer brands, and annual beer sales of 18.9 million. Ton. SABMiller's production management enjoys a high reputation internationally and is considered a company that is very good at operating in emerging markets. In many entering countries, SABMiller's brand portfolio and market share are in a leading position. SABMiller acquired the American Miller Company in May 2002 and has since entered the world's largest beer market and profit center. 


It took only ten years for China Resources Snow Beer to develop from a single regional factory to a well-known enterprise in the industry. At present, China Resources Snow Beer operates 48 breweries in mainland China, occupying 15% of the Chinese beer market. It owns more than 30 regional brands and has a regional advantage in many markets in China. In 2006, China Resources Snow Beer sold more than 5 million kiloliters. Not only did it break the No. 1 single-product sales volume of Snow Beer, but the company's total sales surpassed other domestic beer companies in one fell swoop and became China's largest-selling beer company. 


In 2002, China Resources Snow Beer (China) Co., Ltd. made every effort to build Snow Beer into a national brand. Snow Beer has always been deeply appreciated by consumers across the country for its fresh, light taste and aggressive, aggressive and challenging brand personality. It is universally loved and has become the favorite beer brand of contemporary young people. 


Since 2002, Snow Beer has been officially recognized as a "China Famous Brand" product by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for many times. 


In 2005, Snow Beer became the number one beer brand in the country with a single product sales volume of 1.58 million kiloliters. Snow Beer became the fastest growing and most valuable beer brand in China in 2006, with a brand value of 11.185 billion yuan. Following the No. 1 single-product sales volume of Snowflake in 2005, it reached a record high in 2006. With a sales volume of 3.037 million liters, it once again ranked first in the single-product sales volume of China's beer industry. In 2007, the sales volume of 6.9 million kiloliters was once again the top seller in China's beer industry. The single product sales of snowflakes reached 5.1 million kiloliters. 


In 2009, China Resources Snow China Co., Ltd. recently announced the latest statistics from the international authoritative research organization PlatoLogic. Last year, China Snow Beer surpassed "BudLight" under the global beer leader AB-InBev and became the world's sales volume. The number one beer brand. Snow Beer is the only Chinese beer brand that has entered the top six global sales. 


(2) The relevant situation of the human resources major in China Resources Snow Beer Company 


The human resources major positions in China Resources Snow Brewery include human resources director, human resources manager, recruitment supervisor, employee training and development supervisor, performance appraisal supervisor, salary and welfare supervisor, human resources specialist, and personnel assistant. 


State-owned enterprises need not only capital, technology, products, and markets, but also a large number of talents in the process of transforming their institutions and entering the market. They also need human resource development and management talents who can use market operation methods to acquire a large number of outstanding talents for the enterprise. Statistics show that the monthly salary of the human resources manager of China Resources Snow Beer Company is generally between 6000-15000 yuan, and the higher one is more than 25000 yuan. The monthly salary of human resources specialists (generally human resources majors) is generally 2500-3000. between. The human resources graduates of China Resources Snow Beer Company have lower job satisfaction, mainly because of lower salary, busy work, and lack of incentives for employees. 

国有企业在转机建制、走向市场的过程中,不仅需要资金、技术、产品和市场,也还需要大批人才,更需要能运用市场运作方式为企业获取大批优秀人才的人力资源开发和管理人才。统计资料显示,华润雪花啤酒公司人力资源部经理月薪一般在6000-15000元人民币之间,高者达25000元以上,人力资源专员(一般为人力资源专业本科毕业生)月薪一般在 2500-3000之间。华润雪花啤酒公司中人力资源毕业生对岗位满意度较低,主要原因就是在于薪酬较低,工作较忙,员工得不到激励。

2. The situation of human resource management major in social and economic development 


(1) The situation of human resource management major in social and economic development 


The professional knowledge talents of human resources practitioners in our country are very scarce, and they belong to my country's scarce professional talents. Due to the low level of internationalization of the human resources team, the needs of graduates and the market are very different, which is also a major problem facing my country's human resource management education. 


With the globalization of talent competition, the work of human resource development and management is extremely important. The abundance of talents is valuable, but what is more valuable is the ability to manage these many talents well. Human resource management is such a profession. From a soldier to a manager who gives orders, it needs accumulation, just like a bottle of French Remy. It is through the test of years to get the praise of pure peace, strong fragrance, and bright color. Since ancient times, talent and money have been the two wheels of any cause. "Knowing people and making good use of them, those who win their hearts will win the world", human management is actually the core of all management. 


Human resource management is the level closest to power in all management work. Generally, the work is stable and the upward channel is clear. The personnel department of each unit is also the core key department. Due to the importance of the profession, the chances of the HR supervisor being promoted and salary increase are very high, so there are many people who want to take up this job; at the same time, various talent markets and even headhunting companies are eager for professional human resource management talents. From the perspective of supply and demand, this profession can be described as the "darling" in the management industry. 


1. Human capital will be the "first capital" for economic development in the 21st century 


Human resources are transformed into human capital through development. Human capital is a decisive factor in the economic development of a region. This is because economic growth is inseparable from three important elements: capital, labor, and technological progress. Therefore, in modern society, the improvement of human quality (knowledge, skills, health, etc.) plays a key role in social economic growth. 


2. Human resource development can promote the improvement of labor productivity and the level of science and technology 


Different from other economic resources, human resources are the creative labor ability possessed by people with purpose, subjective initiative and social consciousness. All factors of things can only be used through human factors. Strengthening the development of human resources, on the one hand, can improve the quality of direct producers, thereby increasing labor productivity; on the other hand, it can create more technological inventions, thereby achieving multi-directional production growth and economic benefits. 


3. Human resource development is an important factor in the change of industrial structure 


The difference in industrial structure directly reflects the level of national economic and social development and the degree of development of human resources. In the tertiary industry in developed countries, the information service industry occupies an important position in the industrial structure, while the primary and secondary industries in developing countries occupy a major position, and the proportion of the tertiary industry is very small. This difference is inseparable from the advanced level of human resource development. 


4. The success of human resource development directly affects the sustainable development of society 


The significance of sustainable development is broad and the content is rich. Generally speaking, it can be summarized as the unity of ecological sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability. Whether the three can be unified depends on the subject of social activities. 


(2) Specific requirements for the recruitment of the human resources department of China Resources Snow Beer 


The main requirements for performance job recruitment in the human resources department of China Resources Snow Beer Company are: full-time unified recruitment of bachelor degree or above, human resources management, business management and other related majors, master's degree is preferred; with 2 years or more of performance management system and incentive system design capabilities Independent operation experience; master human resource management professional knowledge, performance management professional knowledge; have excellent learning, communication, coordination, and organization skills; proficient in office software and office facilities. 


The main requirements of the recruitment post are: full-time unified recruitment of bachelor degree or above, human resource management, business administration and other related majors, master degree is preferred; 2 years or more of independent operation experience in recruitment management and talent echelon construction; knowledge of beer production and sales ; Have talent recruitment, evaluation, analysis, and forecasting capabilities; have excellent learning, communication, coordination, and organization skills; be proficient in office software and office facilities. 


Through the understanding of the current human resources status and demand trends of China Resources Snow Brewery, we sorted and summarized the human resource demand questionnaires, and made analysis, and concluded that the company has the following quality requirements for college students: 


Have a solid professional foundation, high cultural quality; strong adaptability, full of innovative and practical ability; use the vacation to participate in work related to the post, and have strong hands-on ability. A strong sense of time, seeking truth from facts, and fulfilling his duties; knowing how to respect superior leaders and leading subordinate employees not to be self-destructive and enterprising; have a dedication to work and have rich work experience; have a certain degree of corporate loyalty and a sense of corporate belonging; independent working ability , Strong organizational skills; team awareness, a sense of collective honor; strong psychological quality, strong adaptability; good communication and communication, strong social skills. 


Three, summary and experience 


During this period of internship, I felt a lot. There is a good saying, "If you have something on paper, you have to feel shallow, and you must practice it." After all, what you learn from books must be practiced, and practice is the only criterion for testing truth. 


I remember when I first entered the company for an internship, I felt that everything was strange and brand new. In the first few days, the work flow was not clear, I didn’t know how to make and answer the phone, and other problems could not be solved in time. Everything started from scratch. Then I kept asking for advice, and if I didn’t know, I went to check with colleagues in the department. Although the things that have been done during this period are small, it is not as easy as imagined to do everything well. Because every one of my actions and words is related to the image and interests of the department and the company, especially when dealing with people outside the company, such as answering a phone call or receiving an applicant who comes to the company for an interview, his words and deeds are all When showing the company’s image and culture to the outside world, anything that is not done well or not adequately may have a negative impact on the company, not just a personal matter. Through the internship experience during this period, I feel that there is still a big gap between the actual things and the book knowledge learned in school. The combination of theory and practice needs to be tempered. Real-life work is the closest to reality, and with the continuous progress and rapid development of information, network, and knowledge-based society, the response and update speed of book knowledge is relatively backward. However, on the other hand, what we learn in books is advanced to a certain extent, because we basically learn modern enterprise management systems from the West, especially modern human resource management systems, which started relatively late in China. of. In reality, many companies still stay at the level of traditional personnel management, especially in some state-owned enterprises and small and medium-sized private companies. To a large extent, they have not established a complete modern human resource management system, and they are still relatively traditional personnel management. Therefore, how to face reality and how to adapt to the corporate culture are more important in the internship process. 

记得刚进公司实习的时候,感觉一切都是陌生和全新的。在最初的几天里,工作流程不清楚,打电话和接听电话不知道如何陈述,其他问题也不能及时解决,一切都是从零开始。然后就是不断的请教,拿不定的就去找部门的同事确认。这段时间所做的事情虽小,真正把每件事情做好 也不是想象中的那样容易。因为,自己的每一个行为每句话都关系到部门和公司的形象和利益,尤其是跟公司外部的人员打交道, 比如接个电话或接待一个来公司面试的应聘者, 自己的言行举止都是在向外展示企业的形象和文化,哪一点做的不好或者不够到位都有可能对公司产生不良的影响,而不仅仅是个人的事情。还通过这段时间的实习体验,感觉到实际的东西与学校学到的书本知识差距还是很大的,理论与实际的结合是需要磨练的。现实生活工作最接近实际,且随着信息化、网络化、知识型社会的不断进步和快速发展,书本知识的反应和更新速度是比较落后的。但是,另一方面,书本上学的东西在一定程度上又是超前的,因为现代企业管理制度我们基本上都是从西方学来的,尤其是现代人力资源管理制度,在中国的起步是比较晚的。而现实中很多企业还停留在传统的人事管理层面,尤其是在一些国企和中小型私企中比较常见,在很大程度上没有建立完整的现代人力资源管理制度,还是比较传统的人事管理。所以,如何正视现实,如何适应企业的文化,在实习过程中都是比较重要的。

After the test during this internship period, I also found that I still have certain shortcomings, such as insufficient knowledge in human resource management, poor practical operation ability, communication and coordination skills need to be further improved, and the ability to deal with complex real situations is still lacking . In short, internship is a process of discovering problems, testing knowledge, and exercising abilities. The key is to find the main points and solutions to the problems, and continue to grow from mistakes.

经过这个实习期的检验,也发现自身还存在一定的不足,例如人力资源管理方面的知识不够懂,实际操作能力比较差,沟通协调能力需要进一步的提高, 应对复杂的现实情况处理能力还很欠缺。总之,实习就是一个发掘问题、检验知识、锻炼能力的过程, 关键是能找到问题的要点和解决办法,不断在错误中成长。

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