These are the best Android tablets in 2019
2019-02-01 18:00

Don’t count the traditional tablet out just yet; it’s still useful for working, doodling and Netflixing. Android slates, in particular, come in all shapes and sizes, and devices with similar specs can feel totally different in day-to-day use. If you’ve no interest in the iPad, check out our list of the best Android tablets below.


Our top pick is the do-it-all Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with its predecessor the Galaxy Tab S3 also holding firm in the list. If you just want something cheap and cheerful, try an Amazon Fire HD 8 in either the regular or Kids edition.

我们的首选是全功能三星Galaxy Tab S4,其前身Galaxy Tab S3也稳居榜单前列。如果你只是想要一些便宜又令人愉悦的东西,可以试试亚马逊Fire HD 8的普通版或儿童版。

Looking at new Android tablet releases in the next few months, some of the most intriguing are Lenovo’s upcoming Smart Tabs (from £180), which you can dock into speakers to act as Alexa home hubs.


More widely, Google is pushing a shift from Android to Chrome OS on tablets, and we’ve already seen an announcement from CES for an Asus Chromebook Tablet CT100, designed for use in the classroom.

更广泛地说,谷歌正在推动平板电脑从Android转向Chrome OS,我们已经看到CES发布了一款华硕Chromebook CT100平板电脑,专为课堂使用而设计。

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WIRED Recommends: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

连线推荐:三星Galaxy Tab S4


Pros: Beautiful screen, DeX 2-in-1 skills, excellent S Pen stylus
Cons: Keyboard cover not included


This is one Android tablet we can recommend without qualification. The successor to our previous favourite (and still worth considering), the Galaxy Tab S3, it’s also our pick for a laptop replacement.

这是一款我们可以无条件推荐的Android平板电脑。Galaxy Tab S3是我们之前最喜欢的(也是值得考虑的)Galaxy Tab S3的替代品,也是我们选择的笔记本电脑替代品。

Full-sized Android tablets don’t really get better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (£599), and at this price, you’d expect top quality. It’s slim and sleek aluminium with minimal bezels yet still well built, with black and white models to choose from. And thanks to its glorious, best-in-class 10.5in 2560x1600 Super AMOLED screen with HDR mode, it’s the tablet you’d want to hand for a portable cinema session.

全尺寸的Android平板电脑并不会比三星Galaxy Tab S4(£599),在这个价格,高质量。它是苗条和光滑的铝与最小的边框,但仍建得很好,与黑色和白色模型可供选择。由于其卓越的、2.5英寸2560x1600 x1600超级AMOLED屏幕和HDR模式,这是一款你想要在便携影院使用的平板电脑。

Battery life is brilliant, both in use and on standby, with 7,300mAh of lithium polymer battery versus the Tab S3’s 6,000mAh. The S Pen stylus is superb for everything from hovering over text to live drawing, with more than 4,000 pressure levels, but equally if you’re not interested it can be left at home in a drawer. There’s an LTE model with a NanoSIM slot and 64/256GB internal storage with up to 512GB via microSD. Even its AKG/ Harman stereo speakers manage to sound reassuringly warmer than rival tablet speakers.

无论是在使用中还是待机时,锂聚合物电池的续航时间都非常棒,达到7300毫安时,而Tab S3的续航时间为6000毫安时。S Pen的触控笔非常棒,从悬停在文本上到实时绘图,它的压力等级超过4000,但同样,如果你对它不感兴趣,也可以把它放在家里的抽屉里。LTE机型有一个NanoSIM插槽,64/256GB的内存,通过microSD可达512GB。甚至它的AKG/哈曼立体声扬声器听起来也比竞争对手的平板电脑扬声器温暖得多。

The real draw, though, is the Tab S4’s ability to get stuff done. Samsung claims the Tab S4 can run 20 apps at once. We tried it and… it can indeed. There were no hiccups whatsoever courtesy of Android Oreo 8.1 and a Snapdragon 835 processor that’s admittedly slightly out of date but still plenty powerful enough here.

然而,真正吸引人的是Tab S4的处理功能。三星声称Tab S4可以同时运行20个应用程序。我们试过了,确实可以。安卓的Oreo 8.1和Snapdragon 835处理器都没有出现任何问题。虽然Snapdragon的处理器确实有点过时,但在这里仍然足够强大。

Samsung’s DeX service allows you to quickly switch to and work from a laptop-style view which you can use with its £119 Keyboard Cover or pump to a monitor (via USB-C to HDMI) with mouse support too. This makes it the best Android tablet pick for productivity, though just to be clear this is not quite a true laptop replacement.

三星的敏捷服务允许您快速切换和工作从laptop-style视图,您可以使用其£119键盘覆盖或泵显示器(通过HDMI USB-C)用鼠标的支持。这使得它成为Android平板电脑生产效率的最佳选择,不过需要明确的是,这并不是真正意义上的笔记本电脑替代品。

One minor ding, which probably can’t be helped: in use the Tab S4 is an absolute fingerprint magnet, front and back. So perhaps invest in a cleaning cloth to keep it looking pristine.


价格:£599 |检查价格在amazon . co . uk

Best cheap Android tablet: Amazon Fire HD 8

最便宜的安卓平板电脑:亚马逊Fire HD 8


Pros: Beginner friendly, hands-free Alexa, Show Mode perfect for families 
Cons: Pushes Amazon services, screen is so-so, no Play Store


The Fire HD 8 (£79) is technically an Android tablet, but it sure doesn’t act like it. This should be the first choice for anyone uncomfortable with gadgets as it’s just so darn easy to get on with. Amazon’s services - Shopping, Kindle, Prime Video - are front and centre and with the excellent (if slightly fiddly) Show Mode dock and hands-free, built-in Alexa that works even when it’s locked, it’s essentially an Echo Show, too.

火高清8(£79)在技术上是一个Android平板电脑,但它肯定不会像它。这应该是任何不喜欢小玩意的人的首选,因为它太容易上手了。亚马逊的服务——购物、Kindle、Prime Video——都是前台和中心,有出色的(虽然有点繁琐)显示模式基座,以及内置的Alexa(即使锁着也能正常工作),本质上它也是一个回声显示。

The Fire HD 8 comes in three fun, matte plastic finishes - black, red and blue - and like the even bubblier Fire HD 8 Kids below, one of the Fire HD 8’s neatest tricks is the ability to set up child-friendly profiles that block ads and in-app purchases and set time limits via a Parent Dashboard. Battery life is good, lasting up to ten hours, and it’s reliable in day-to-day use.


Amazon is one of the only tablet makers not pushing more and more pixels. The 8in 1280x800 screen here is nothing special and might well disappoint next to shiny, high-end smartphone displays. Chances are, though, you simply won’t care considering the price. One of the only real downsides is that there’s no access to the Play Store, so if mobile games, for instance, are a priority, look elsewhere.

亚马逊是唯一没有推出越来越多像素产品的平板电脑制造商之一。这里的8in 1280x800屏幕没什么特别的,与闪亮的高端智能手机显示屏相比,可能会让人失望。不过,你很可能根本不在乎价格。唯一真正的缺点是无法访问Play Store,所以如果手机游戏是优先考虑的,那就去其他地方看看。

Additionally helpful to those on a budget, storage is 32GB or 64GB and expandable to 256GB via a microSD card so you won’t pay double just for more space. Just make sure you do pay the extra £10 for the Fire HD 10 ‘Without Special Offers’ or you’ll be served adverts on your lockscreen - hideous.

另外,对于那些预算有限的人来说,存储空间是32GB或64GB,可通过Micro SD卡扩展到256GB,这样你就不用为更大的空间支付双倍的费用。只要确保你支付额外的£10火高清10“没有特价”或你会为广告千篇一律——可怕的。

Price: From £79 | Check price on Amazon.co.uk

价格:从£79 |检查价格amazon . co . uk



Pros: Light and compact, fast charging, good screen 
Cons: Bizarre Huawei extras, no headphone jack


Huawei’s MediaPad 8.4 (£249) is a light and compact tablet to throw in your bag, catch up on shows on your commute or flick through in bed. Style wise, it looks not too dissimilar to an iPad Mini, if we’re honest, even down to the space grey and champagne gold, curved aluminium finishes, if not quite as precisely polished. That might not be a bad thing if you’re a fan of the Apple aesthetic but not its software.

华为的MediaPad 8.4(£249)是光和紧凑的平板电脑将在你的包,补上在床上显示在你的通勤或浏览。在风格上,它看起来与iPad Mini并没有太大的不同,如果我们诚实地说,即使是空间灰色和香槟金色,弯曲的铝饰面,如果不是非常精确地抛光。如果你是苹果美学的拥趸,但不是苹果软件的拥趸,这或许不是一件坏事。

The MediaPad’s 2560x1600 display is sharp with vibrant colours, if not the brightest around, but the 3:2 screen ratio makes it very practical for flitting between apps. The dual Harman Kardon-certified stereo speakers are also surprisingly decent for a 7.3mm thick tablet that’s easy to hold and type on.

MediaPad 2560x1600的显示屏色彩鲜艳,即使不是最亮的,也很清晰,但3:2的屏幕比例使它在应用程序之间切换非常实用。双哈曼卡顿认证立体声扬声器也令人惊讶地体面为7.3毫米厚的平板电脑,易于持有和打字。

There’s some kooky Huawei additions to be found in its EMOTION UI, such as a Mirror selfie app, but these are easily ignored. The fact there’s no headphone jack might be more of an annoyance though Huawei does bundle a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box.


Performance is zippy, the 13MP and 8MP cameras do the job and the 5,100mAh battery means the MediaPad 8.4 will last you ten to 11 hours, or a couple of days’ normal tablet use. Fast charging is another bonus.

MediaPad 8.4的性能非常出色,1300万像素和800万像素的摄像头可以完成这项工作,5100毫安的电池意味着MediaPad 8.4可以支持10到11个小时,相当于平板电脑正常使用几天的时间。快速充电是另一个好处。

价格:£249 |检查价格在amazon . co . uk

Best for Netflix: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Netflix最佳:三星Galaxy Tab S3


Pros: Gorgeous display, cheaper than the Tab S4, S Pen 
Cons: Older, lower specced model

优点:华丽的显示屏,比Tab S4, S Pen便宜

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 (£519) makes the list purely because it isn’t so very different from the Tab S4 and it’s considerably cheaper. The Tab S3’s current RRP is £519, but you can actually still pick one up for closer to £400 online - now we've got your attention. The main differences are the slightly smaller 6,000mAh battery and slightly older Snapdragon 820 CPU. There’s also the slightly smaller 9.7in, slightly lower-res 2048x1536 Super AMOLED display. It’s still fantastic for movies and videos, though, with satisfyingly rich colours and deep blacks.

三星的Galaxy Tab S3(£519)上榜纯粹因为它不是非常不同的选项卡S4相当便宜。选项卡S3的当前RRP£519,但你仍然可以选择一个靠近£400在线-现在我们有你的注意力。主要区别是略小的6000毫安电池和略老的Snapdragon 820 CPU。此外还有略小的9.7英寸,分辨率略低的2048x1536 Super AMOLED显示屏。不过,对于电影和视频来说,它仍然非常棒,有着令人满意的丰富色彩和深黑色。

It also doesn’t get DeX support to turn your Android tablet into more of a 2-in-1 but, again, if you’re in the market for a Samsung tablet to kick back with, rather than frantically entering data into spreadsheets, this will work just fine.


You still get the excellent S Pen accessory, though, the AKG/Harman stereo speakers and the 5MP and 13MP cameras which are much more than anyone ever needs on a tablet. It’s also lighter than the Tab S4 at 429g for the Wi-Fi version versus the Tab S4’s 484g. So, although it might not be quite so specced up as Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy Tab S3 is still a brilliant all-rounder that will please a lot of people.

不过,你仍然可以买到出色的S Pen配件,AKG/哈曼立体声扬声器,500万像素和1300万像素的摄像头,这些都是平板电脑上所不需要的。它的Wi-Fi版比Tab S4的429g版轻,而Tab S4是484g版。因此,尽管Galaxy Tab S3可能不如三星的最新产品那么抢眼,但它仍然是一款出色的全能手机,会让很多人满意。

价格:£519 |检查价格在amazon . co . uk

Best Android tablet for kids: Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids

儿童最佳安卓平板电脑:亚马逊Fire HD 8儿童版


Pros: Cheap and cheerful, smart parent filters, smash-proof case 
Cons: Not much to fault, limited offline Kids content


Yes, you could just buy an Amazon Fire HD 8 (above) and stick it in a colourful case, but if you’re looking for something more involved, Amazon also makes a terrific Fire HD 8 Kids edition (£130). It’s our current pick for the best tablet you can buy for kids, and it's also available in 7in and 10in tablets.


Designed for children aged three (!) to 12, it all makes a lot of sense. There’s the combination of the drop-resistant ‘Kid-Proof Case’, which comes in blue, pink and yellow colourways, and the two-year guarantee against accidents and mechanical faults that means Amazon will send you a new one if it breaks. There’s the big, bold, genuinely kid-friendly interface. And there’s the bundled, year-long subscription to Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited, which usually costs £2 a month or £5 for a family of four.


What is Fire for Kids? It gets you access to over 5,000 fun and educational apps, games, videos and books all aimed at children aged three to ten. Dora, Disney, it’s all there. Offline access is limited, but if it's for home use then that won’t be a problem.  


There’s more - the Amazon Parent Dashboard lets you set filters and limits as well as monitor what your kids are using the tablet for both on the device and remotely. As for specs, it’s kitted out with the same 8in HD screen and 32GB of storage, expandable to a huge 400GB, as the proper Fire HD 8. There’s also a very decent ten hours of battery life, to boot.  

还有更多——Amazon Parent Dashboard允许您设置过滤器和限制,以及监控您的孩子在设备上和远程使用平板电脑的情况。至于配置,它配备了与Fire HD 8一样的8in高清屏幕和32GB的存储空间,可扩展到400GB的超大空间。此外,它的电池续航时间长达10个小时。

价格:£130 |检查价格在amazon . co . uk

Best for battery life: Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

Best for battery life: Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus


Pros: Good value for money, great stamina 
Cons: Blocky design, weird button placement


This Lenovo tab is a good option for anyone looking for a no-frills workhorse that will last all day. Lenovo claims the 7,000mAh unit inside the Tab 4 10 Plus (£180) is good for up to 20 hours. In use, that’s more like 13-14 hours, but that’s still considerably longer than most similarly sized and specced Android tablets, and its standby performance is excellent.

这款联想平板电脑是一个不错的选择,任何人寻找一个朴实的工作马将持续一整天。联想声称选项卡内的7000 mah单位4 10 +(£180)长达20小时。在使用过程中,这更像是13-14个小时,但仍然比大多数大小和规格类似的安卓平板电脑要长得多,而且它的待机性能非常出色。

Elsewhere, things look a little more standard - after all, this is a full Android tablet available for less than £200. The 16:10, 1920 x 1200 display lends itself to on-the-go movie viewing, and it’s bright, too, at up to 400 nits. The dual, front-facing Dolby Atmos speakers are solid and the 5MP fixed-focus front camera is perfectly serviceable for video calls.

在其他地方,情况看上去更标准——毕竟,这是一个完整的安卓平板可以小于£200。16:10, 1920 x 1200的显示屏可以让你边看边看电影,而且亮度高达400奈特。双,正面杜比大气扬声器是固体和5MP固定焦点前置摄像头是完美的视频通话服务。

Extras include a fast fingerprint sensor on the front (to set up multiple user profiles) and the ability to add up to 128GB of storage via the microSD card slot. And the Tab 4 10 Plus is well served by Lenovo accessories including a shock-resistant bumper for kids and a Bluetooth keyboard.

额外的功能包括前端的快速指纹传感器(用于设置多个用户配置文件)和通过microSD卡插槽增加128GB存储空间的功能。此外,联想还为Tab 4 10 Plus配备了防震保险杠和蓝牙键盘等配件。

There are a few compromises to be made here. The Lenovo is running an old version of Android with no sign of an update, performance is good not great and, despite the fact it’s impressively thin at 7mm, this and the size can actually make it a little unwieldy. The buttons are also in odd positions which sounds minor but gets irritating. Still, all things considered the Tab 4 10 Plus remains something of a bargain.  

这里需要做出一些妥协。联想运行的是一个老版本的安卓系统,没有升级的迹象,性能也不是很好,尽管它的厚度只有7毫米,令人印象深刻,但这一点和它的尺寸实际上会让它有点笨重。按钮的位置也很奇怪,听起来很小,但是很烦人。尽管如此,所有被认为是Tab 4 10 Plus的东西还是很便宜的。

Price: From £180 | Check price on Amazon.co.uk

价格:从£180 |检查价格amazon . co . uk

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