旧金山每小时房屋共享初创公司发现自己在城市的十字线上– TechCrunch
An hourly home-sharing startup in San Francisco finds itself in the city’s crosshairs – TechCrunch
2020-05-29 07:07

Emmanuel Bamfo is used to fighting uphill battles. Still, his latest fight, with the city of San Francisco, may well destroy his business if he doesn't win it, and quickly.

Emmanuel Bamfo习惯于进行艰苦的战斗。不过,如果他未能如愿以偿,那么他与旧金山市的最新斗争很可能会破坏他的生意。

Bamfo is the co-founder and CEO of Globe, a year-old, six-person startup that connects customers with rooms in people's mostly urban homes. Think Airbnb, except that Globe isn't for users looking for days- or months-long stays, but instead for a day break.

Bamfo是Globe的联合创始人兼首席执行官, Globe是一家拥有6年历史的创业公司,致力于将客户与人们在大多数城市房屋中的房间连接起来。想想Airbnb,除了Globe不适合那些想要停留数天或数月之久的用户,而是希望休息一天的用户。

Globe evolved from an earlier company called Recharge that tried convincing hotels to let its customers rent their rooms by the hour and even minute, and had raised around $10 million in funding. When hotels pushed back on the idea of cleaning their rooms so frequently, the nascent outfit entered into the popular accelerator program Y Combinator last summer and came out as a company that connects customers to home owners instead.

Globe是从一家名为Recharge的早期公司发展而来的,该公司试图说服酒店让顾客在一个小时甚至几分钟内租用客房,并筹集了大约1000万美元的资金。当酒店拒绝如此频繁地打扫房间的想法时,这家新生公司于去年夏天加入了受欢迎的加速器计划Y Combinator,并成立了一家将顾客与房主联系起来的公司。

Growth at Globe had been slow but steady since, with more than 10,000 hosts around the world signing up to rent out rooms in their homes. Then came COVID-19.


Some hosts kept providing space to guests. One tech worker, Abe Disu, recently told The New York Times that he rented out his San Francisco apartment through Globe about 70 times between August and April, earning about $50 per hour after cleaning costs.

一些主人继续为客人提供空间。一位科技工作者安倍·迪苏(Abe Disu)最近 告诉时报,他在八月至四月间通过环球网租用了他在旧金山的公寓约70次,每小时的清洁成本约为50美元。

Many others expressed concerns about germs. “I thought we were dead,” says Bamfo.

许多其他人对细菌表示担忧。 “我以为我们已经死了,”班佛说。

Instead of giving up, Bamfo began to position Globe as a platform for people needing an escape from home quarantines. Globe can help individuals find that quiet place to make calls, away from roommates and children. It offers a reprieve from loved ones for a much-needed hour or two. It can even help those in desperate straights find better bandwidth. (You get the idea.)

Bamfo并未放弃,而是开始将Globe定位为需要从家庭隔离区逃脱的人们的平台。 Globe可以帮助个人在室友和孩子之外找到一个安静的拨打电话的地方。它为亲人提供了一个或两个小时需要的缓刑。它甚至可以帮助那些绝望的直觉找到更好的带宽。 (你明白了)

It's an appealing proposition on some levels. Who doesn't long for a change in scenery at his point? Still, there is a pandemic, and safety is concern. Indeed, though Bamfo says Globe has layered in policies specific to COVID-19 — its cleaning checklist for hosts has grown longer and customers now have to send in pictures of thermometer readings — the city of San Francisco, at least, doesn't think they go far enough.


The city sent Globe a letter last week noting that the company's hourly rental business appears to violate the shelter-in-place order it instituted in March and that it extended indefinitely last week with some modifications that do not apply to Globe's business. It says it's prepared to take action, too. If has warned Globe that if it doesn't immediately halt its business, the startup — and its founders, Bamfo and Erix Xu, who is a former senior engineering director at Reddit — risk “fine, imprisonment or both, pursuant to San Francisco Administrative Code section 7.17(b) and California Penal Code section 148.”

该市上周向环球环球影业公司(Globe)发了一封信,指出该公司的每小时租金业务似乎违反了其3月份建立的就地庇护令,并且上周无限期延长,但进行了一些不适用于环球环球公司业务的修改。它说它也准备采取行动。如果已经警告Globe,如果它不立即停止业务,这家初创公司及其创始人Bamfo和曾担任Reddit高级工程总监的Erix Xu会面临“罚款,监禁或两者兼而有之的风险”守则第7.17(b)条和加州刑法第148条。”

It adds that the “California Penal Code section 409.5 also authorizes the City to close down properties constituting a menace to public health. Likewise, failure to abide by the San Francisco Planning Code is a nuisance and is punishable by fines of up to $1,000 per day. Likewise, failure to abide by Chapter 41A of the Administrative Code is punishable by fines of up to $484 per day.”

它补充说,“加利福尼亚刑法典”第409.5条还授权纽约市关闭构成危害公共卫生的财产。同样,不遵守《旧金山规划法》也是一件令人讨厌的事,可处以每天最高$ 1,000的罚款。同样,不遵守《行政法》第41A章的行为,将处以每天最高484美元的罚款。”

It's a bitter if somewhat unsurprising development for Globe, which is based in San Francisco, and counts the city as its biggest market. Bamfo and Xu have limited resources, and a drawn-out shut-down could very easily become permanent. Still, it's hard to see how the company avoids a bigger blow-up if it doesn't comply very soon — or the city doesn't instead begin to relax some of its policies.


Right now, Bamfo seems to be counting on the latter, and perhaps for good reason. Yesterday, for example, California Governor Gavin Newsom said that barbershops and hair salons can begin accepting customers again in many California counties. San Francisco and neighboring counties are maintaining more sweeping restrictions for now, but that could change in a matter of weeks.

目前,Bamfo似乎正在指望后者,这也许是有充分理由的。例如,加利福尼亚州州长加文·纽瑟姆(Gavin Newsom)昨天说,理发店和发廊可以在加利福尼亚的许多县重新开始接受顾客。旧金山和附近的县目前仍在维持更大的限制,但是这可能会在几周内改变。

In the meantime, Bamfo — who says he was “shocked” by the city's letter — is engaging in a game of chicken. He says that while Globe works on an official response, one that it will send by Tuesday of next week, the company is continuing to make its service available in its hometown.


Noting that neither Airbnb nor hotels have received the same feedback from the city, he says that Globe “doesn't want to focus on regulations, fines, and threats of jail time. We want instead to elevate this discourse around solutions.”


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