Amazon just launched a smaller version of its Go store in Seattle
亚马逊在西雅图新推出 Go 小型商店
2019-01-27 20:52

Amazon today announced the launch of a new variety of its cashier-less Go store that’s much smaller than a standard one. The company is referring to it as a small-format Go store, and it’s a freestanding construction with its own enclosed ceiling, which is where it places a majority of the cameras and sensors used to track shoppers and determine when an item has been taken off the shelf.

亚马逊今天宣布推出一种无收银员小型 Go 商店。该公司将其称为小型 Go 商店,这种独立结构自带封闭式天花板,可放置大部分用于跟踪购物者的摄像机和传感器,并确定物品何时被取下货架。

Amazon says this version, located on the sixth floor of the Macy’s building at 300 Pine Street in downtown Seattle, measures about 450 square feet and serves mainly pre-made breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, as well as beverages and snacks.

亚马逊称该商店位于西雅图市中心松树街 300 号梅西百货大楼六楼,面积约 42 平米,主要供应预先备好的早餐、午餐和晚餐,以及饮料和小吃。

A typical Go store is much larger, usually serving a wider variety of pre-made food, as well as household supplies, groceries, and in some cases, alcohol. It’s clear this small-format version is Amazon’s way of getting Go stores into much more constrained spaces, like malls and perhaps even airports.

常规 Go 商店要大得多,通常供应各种预制食品及家居用品、杂货,有时还兜售白酒。很明显,这种方式无疑是亚马逊在商场内以及机场等受限空间内发展 Go 商店的一种方式。

Reuters reported last week that Amazon had discussions with both the Los Angeles International Airport and the San Jose International Airport over the summer to bring Go stores to terminals. That makes a whole lot of sense, given how the Go store has no lines or checkout process, making it a perfect fit for busy travelers who need a quick bite.

路透社上周报道 ,亚马逊夏季与洛杉矶国际机场和圣何塞国际机场探讨如何将 Go 商店引入航站楼内。考虑到 Go 商店不用排队,也没有结账流程,这非常有意义,因此非常适合需要快速购物的繁忙出行者。

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