How to Get Rid of Writer's Block: 11 Unconventional Ways
2019-09-03 14:48

Here’s a quick guide for how to get over writer’s block.  These are methods I’ve personally used very successfully, and I hope you scroll through this, find a good method, and get over writer’s block too!


1.) Dictate The Words Into Your Phone


Most people sit down at their keyboard and type stuff that looks like it was edited by an 8th grade English teacher:


“Dear sirs, to whom it may concern I offer our company services of supplying roofing shingles at an affordable price structure that’s cost effective for our clients……..”   :::falls asleep:::


To get the most response, you shouldn’t bore your readers to death, and therefore should talk like you’re in a casual conversation.  This casual tone of voice shows you’re a real person, who is cool, and would be fun to do business with.


“Hey Mr. Moneybags!  


I figured out a way to save Acme Roofing 30% on your shingles cost.  We got the manufacturer to ship them directly to Scranton instead of having to ship them to Boston first.  Call me if you want the new rate.

我有一种方法可以节省您30%的Acme Roofing木瓦成本。我们会让制造商直接将产品运到斯克兰顿,而无需在波士顿转运。如果您想了解新报价,请打电话给我。

Talk soon,
Sammy Salesman: 713.301.1546″

再 见! 

By first casually speaking out your message into your phone, you can see what your words will sound like in a casual tone.  Then you simply transcribe these words into your computer, and you now have a great starting point for your copy!


Here’s the two methods I personally use to record on my iPhone:


  • Open the Voice Memo app, hit record, start talking.
  • I tell Siri: [“Make a note to…”] + [Start talking] = Siri transcribes it for me in the Notes app.
  • 打开语音备忘录应用程序,点击录音,开始说话。
  • 告诉Siri:[“记下......”] + [开始说话] = Siri就会在Notes应用程序录制这些内容。

2.) Write Inside A Distraction Free Zone


Writers block calm

Sometimes there’s just too much clutter distracting you.  Just a blank screen and some typing can go a long way.


Try out this distraction free writing trick to get the ball started.


Having a distraction-free zone to write is immensely helpful in getting started on your first few lines of text.  Once you get past the first few lines, the rest are easy :)


3.) Use A Headline Formula


Headline formulas are helpful in kicking off an article idea or angle.  Here’s 3 quick sample formulas to get you started:


[End Result] + [Time Period] + [Address Objections]

[最终结果] + [时间周期] + [解决异议]

5 Ways to Boost Your ____ Without Spending More _____

无需花费更多 _____即可提升你的____的5种方法

[X Number Of Ways] To Accomplish [Amazing Result] without [Negative Side Effect]

实现[惊人的结果]而没有 [消极副作用]的[X种方法] 

If you want more formulas and headline idea templates, here’s a giant list of headlines (including their open rates).

需要更多的公式和标题创意模板? 请查看这个标题清单。

I don’t usually make headlines or articles out of formulas, but if I’ve got a case of Writer’s Block going…..I’ll try some of them out and quickly get a ton of ideas.


4.) Physically Alter Your State Of Mind


Writers block physically alter your state pushups and music

Simply changing up the environment your brain is experiencing can snap you out of a funk really quickly!


Here’s my personal suggestions:


  • Change the location you’re in.
  • Do a handstand to get the blood flowing.
  • Do some pushups to get the blood flowing.
  • Put in ear plugs to “get into your own little world.”
  • Plug in some headphones and listen to music (my favorite work music is “Deep House Radio” on Pandora).
  • 换个地方走走。
  • 倒立促进血液流动。
  • 做一些俯卧撑促进血液流动。
  • 戴上耳塞 “进入冥想”。
  • 戴上耳机听音乐(我在工作时最喜欢听的音乐是Pandora上的“ Deep House Radio ”)。

Basically by physically altering your location or pace of your body……your brain has to adapt a little and “wake up” to deal with the change.


This is a super-solid way to snap out of a funk.


5.) Chemically Alter Your State Of Mind


Writers block drink beer

Give your brain a punch and chemically change it up!


Heres some of my favorite ways:


  • Drink Caffeine.  Within minutes your brain will be buzzing with ideas.
  • Drink a beer whilst working.  Slowly sipping on a beer on a Friday afternoon and writing…..a fun time + a creative time!
  • Take a shot of liquor.  If you’re working with some buddies, down a shot and see if it doesn’t pump some ideas into you.  I would recommend not over-doing this, otherwise productivity and creativity will rapidly tank.
  • 喝咖啡。不用几分钟,你的大脑就会开始文思泉涌了。
  • 在工作时喝点小酒。在周五下午慢慢喝着啤酒,随手记下一些心得......这真是美妙的创作时光!
  • 喝一口烈酒。如果你正和一些伙伴工作,可以看看这种方法能不能给你带来灵感。我不建议滥用这种方法,因为物极必反,它有可能让工作效率和创意大打折扣。

Unless you want to get alcohol buzzed at 2pm on a Tuesday, I’d say the most effective way of chemically altering your brain is caffeine.  There are many different caffeine delivery systems besides coffee.  What you should pay attention to is how many milligrams of caffeine are in something, and modify to your capacity.

除非你认为自己在周二下午时喝酒有助于产生灵感,否则我还是建议你通过喝咖啡来刺激大脑。 除了咖啡之外,你还可以选择其他许多不同的提神饮料。你应该根据自己所喝饮料中的咖啡  因含量,量力而行。

The upper-limit caffeine tolerance for a normal and healthy adult is around 400mg per day.

正常来说,健康成人的咖啡 因耐受性上限约为每天400毫克。

Here are some common caffeine delivery mechanisms (all these numbers can vary):

以下是一些常见的含咖啡  因饮品(这些数据有可能发生变化):

  • Green tea = 50mg caffeine.
  • Red Bull = 80mg caffeine.
  • 1 Cup Coffee = 80mg – 150mg caffeine (varies by brand).
  • Monster Energy = 160mg caffeine.
  • Caffeine Pill = 200mg caffeine.
  • Five Hour Energy = 200mg caffeine.

绿茶= 50毫克咖啡 因。 
红牛= 80毫克咖啡 因。 
1杯咖啡= 80毫克 -  150毫克咖啡 因(因品牌而异)。 
怪物高能饮料= 160毫克咖啡 因。 
咖啡 因药丸= 200毫克咖啡 因。 
Five Hour Energy(运动饮料)= 200毫克咖啡 因。

You can use this Caffeine Calculator to see which products give you the most caffeine and calories.

您可以使用 这个咖啡 因计算器查看哪些产品的咖啡 因和卡路里含量更高。

If I drink a healthy dose of caffeine (let’s say 200mg), I’ll definitely feel a strong caffeine buzz. Within 5 minutes I’ll feel extremely alert, a bit hyper, more talkative, and tend to have an increased flow of ideas. I try to not have caffeine after 2pm or else I find it difficult to fall asleep at night.

如果我喝一杯健康的咖啡(比如200毫克咖啡  因含量),我肯定会感受到强烈的提神效果。我在5分钟之内都会极其清醒,有点亢奋,更为健谈,并且往往会涌出更多想法。我会避免在下午2点后摄入咖啡 因,否则晚上就会很难入睡。

6.) Follow A Writing Prompt


Writing Prompt Thinking

When you have “Writers Block” it usually means you’re having trouble STARTING an article.  A “writing prompt” is simply a sentence, question, or “angle” to view the topic that can kick off your writing.


“This first time I used this product I…..”


“The most creative way I’ve seen this product used is…..”


“It was exactly two years ago when I…..”


“From my customers angle my product looks like…..”


“If I was super rich I would…..”


“The best way in the world to do [cool thing] is to…..”


Try following a writing prompt to snap you out of a brain funk!


7.) Make A Constraint For Your Assignment


I love the quote:


“Constraints create creativity.”


Pretend there’s someone with a gun to your head.  THEN can you get the job done?


A constraint can be anything:


  • Finishing an article in a limited amount of time.
  • Finishing an article that has to be written in the 1st person.
  • Finishing an article that has to be written in the 3rd person.
  • Finishing an article only using pen and paper….no computer.
  • Finishing an article by limiting the number of characters you’re about to write.
  • 在有限的时间内写完一篇文章。
  • 完成一篇必须以第一人称角度撰写的文章。
  • 完成一篇必须以第三人称角度撰写的文章。
  • 只用笔和纸完成一篇文章......不能用电脑。
  • 完成一篇限制字数和篇幅的文章。

This means you have some sort of time limit, deadline, or “angle” you have to complete the work through.


Here are some example constraints:


In (4 minutes) I need to (tell a personal story) about (product).


In (25 minutes) I need to (explain a unique way) to use (product).


In (1 paragraph) I need to tell website owners why they should be using (SumoMe).


With only (.gif images) I need to show (my software) working on a website.


While (inside a dark room) I need to come up with (3 business ideas) in (7 minutes).


Try adding a constraint (or multiple constraints) to your assignment, and see how fast you can finish it!


8.) Stop Being A Little Bitch About It


Life is so hard

You.  Have it.  GOOD.


Your life has been enriched with thousands of years of human innovation that takes the drudgery and pain away from a harsh, violence-filled, disease-ridden, backbreaking-labor, hardship-filled existence.


Your ancestors would FLIP THE HELL OUT at how easy your life is compared to theirs.


If you were born just 200 years ago:


  • If you had bad eye sight:  You better start squinting.  There’s no cheap solution for that.
  • If you needed surgery:  You better drink some whiskey before a guy saws your body open with a rusty blade while you’re still awake.
  • If you got a weird illness:  Some voodoo witch doctor would crush up some random leaves, cut you, rub them in the wound…..and hope for the best.
  • If you wanted to know something: You better hope one of your friends knows.  Otherwise you’re out of luck.
  • If you wanted to travel somewhere:  You better be super-duper rich and have 6 months of transit time.
  • 如果你的视力不好:你视物时只能眯着眼。因为那时候还没有眼镜这种廉价的解决方案。
  • 如果你需要做手术:你最好先喝一些威士忌,否则你就得眼睁睁地看着有人用生锈的刀片切开你的身体。
  • 如果你得了一种怪病:只能让一些莫名其妙的巫医用随机找来的植物叶子,把你割伤,然后在伤口上揉搓这些碎叶......至于能不能治愈疾病,你只能自求多福了。
  • 如果你想了解一些事物:你只能寄希望于自己的朋友已经知道这些事情,否则你永远都不会有多少学问。
  • 如果你想去某个地方旅行:你最好是超级富豪,并且要能够忍受长达6个月的舟车劳顿。

Life completely sucked compared to what we have now!!


If you are reading this on a computer……you have access to tools and information that 200 years ago people couldn’t even fathom would exist.  ……yet here you are complaining that “you don’t know what to write.”


Understand that your work will never ever ever ever be 100% perfect. So just type something out….then go back and edit it.  It’s the best way to just start.  It’s not the end of the world if you write something crappy.  Just edit or delete it later.


So quit being a little bitch and finish off your work.


9.) Make An Outline


One of the problems people encounter when they sit down to write is the task is way too daunting.


It’s only daunting because they haven’t broken the problem down into little chunks.


This is where an outline comes in real handy. Just list out the main points (like our friend in the picture above has), and then fill in each section. Within just a few minutes you can finish a huge percent of your article just because you made a quick outline!


10.) Take A Nice Shower


writers block shower

What is it about showers that jogs the brain so much?? In my own shower I keep a little Shower Notepad like this:


Shower Notes

Believe it or not, many of the methods listed in this very post were jotted down whilst I was in the shower! Giggity.


11.) Copy Someone Else


Literally the best way to jog your memory is to see what other people are doing.


For Example:
If you are trying to write copy about a mattress.  Go search for “Best Mattresses” or “How to find the best mattress” on your favorite search engine, pull up the first 5 results, and start reading!


By simply immersing yourself in other people’s writing, you’ll start stacking up some ideas.


But don’t just be a little copy-cat and do what everyone else is using.  Use this information as research, and use it to IMPROVE upon what everyone else has done:


  • See what other articles are lacking.
  • See what people are asking a lot on Quora.
  • See what your competition is doing wrong.
  • See what people are responding to a lot on Facebook Groups.
  • 看看其他文章存在哪些欠缺。
  • 看看人们在Quora上提了哪些问题。
  • 看看你的竞争对手做错了什么。
  • 了解人们在Facebook群组中对哪些话题的回应最积极。

By seeing what else is out there, you can see what YOU can contribute to it.


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Keep this in your files for whenever you have Writer’s Block and need to get rid of it!

P.S. Comment below what YOU do when you have writers block.  I am going to add (and draw!) more methods here based on the comments!


P.S.   不妨在评论中留下爪印,告诉我你遇到写作瓶颈时会怎么做,好让我根据评论内容添加更多建议。

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