Newlyweds died together in the plane crash in Iran a week after their wedding
2020-01-10 20:58

(CNN)The celebration of a new life together turned to loss when newlyweds died in the Tehran plane crash as they traveled home to Canada.


Arash Pourzarabi and Pouneh Gorji tied the knot on January 1 in Tehran in front of their family and friends, according to CNN news partner CTV News.

据美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)的新闻合作伙伴CTV News报道,阿拉什·普扎拉比(Arash Pourzarabi)和彭尼·戈尔吉(Pouneh Gorji)1月1日在家人和朋友的见证下在德黑兰喜结连理

A week later, they were two of the souls to lose their lives when a plane crashed in Iran, killing all 176 people on board, including 63 Canadians. The Kiev-bound Ukraine International Airlines flight crashed in Tehran minutes after takeoff.


The victims Wednesday included the newlyweds, a family of four, a mother and her daughters, "bright students and dedicated faculty members," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多说, 周三的遇难者包括这对新婚夫妇、一个四口之家和一对母女,“聪明的学生和敬业的教职员工”,他评价道。

"They were basically the kindest souls that I knew," friend Amir Forouzandeh told CTV News. "Honestly, if you met them even once you could tell that these two belong together for sure."

他们的朋友阿兹法尔·里兹维(Amir Forouzandeh)对CTV新闻说: “他们基本上是我所认识的最善良的灵魂。” “老实说,即使您遇到他们一次,您也可以肯定地说这两个人是属于彼此的。”

Pourzarabi and Gorji had traveled to Iran for their wedding, Reza Akbari, president of the Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton, told CNN news partner CBC.

埃德蒙顿伊朗传统协会主席雷纳·阿克巴里(Reza Akbari)对CNN新闻合作伙伴CBC表示 ,普扎拉比(Pourzarabi)和戈尔吉(Gorji)曾前往伊朗举行婚礼。

"It's devastating and shocking," Akbari told CBC. "It's a tragic moment."

“这是毁灭性和令人震惊的,”阿克巴里告诉 CBC(加拿大广播公司)。 “这是一个悲惨的时刻。”

Akbari said the couple and others in the Iranian community are being mourned on the messaging app Telegram, which is popular in Iran. He said he knew at least eight of the victims.


"When you go from top to the bottom, it's hard to believe -- all these wonderful people ... these people who really were actually impactful in our community, they're not among us anymore," he told CBC. "And in one incident all of them are gone."

他告诉 CBC(加拿大广播公司):“当你完全了解后,很难相信-所有这些出色的人...这些实际上对我们社区产生影响的人已经不在我们中间了。” “在一次事故中,他们都消失了。”

Photos of the bride wearing a white, strapless gown and the groom in a black tuxedo smiling as they walked hand-in-hand flooded the bride's Facebook page with messages of condolence. They were only in their mid-20s, according to CTV News.


‎Sima Hamzehloo‎ talked about Gorji as an intelligent, talented and polite woman, in a post on the bride's Facebook page. "Although you wanted to leave for a better life, it was the Middle East that couldn't leave you my dear," Hamzehloo wrote.

在新娘的Facebook页面上的帖子中,西玛·哈姆齐卢(Sima Hamzehloo)谈到了戈尔吉(Gorji),说她是一个聪明、有才华、懂礼貌的女人。 哈姆齐卢(Hamzehloo)写道:“尽管你想为了更好的生活而离开,但亲爱的,中东却不能离开你。”

Another friend of Gorji's posted a photo of the pair when they were teenagers competing at a math tournament.


"Time could have get frozen back there, but well it didn't," Yasamin Rezaei wrote in a Facebook post.

亚萨米·雷扎伊(Yasamin Rezaei)在Facebook帖子中写道:“时间可以被冻结在那里,但事实并非如此。”

The University of Alberta community also is in mourning. Pourzarabi and Gorji were graduate students studying computer science, the school said.


Ten students, faculty and alumni of the school died in the crash, the university said.


"These individuals were integral to the intellectual and social fabric of our university and the broader community," University of Alberta President and Vice-Chancellor David H. Turpin said in a statement.

阿尔伯塔大学校长兼副校长杜文彬(David H. Turpin)在一份声明中说:“这些人是我们大学和更广泛社区的知识和社会结构的组成部分。”

"We are grieving for lost colleagues, classmates, teachers, and mentors, as well as loved ones, family, friends, and roommates," Turpin said. "We will feel their loss — and the aftermath of this tragedy — for many years to come."

杜文彬说“我们为失去同事、同学、老师和导师,以及亲人,家人,朋友和室友感到悲伤。” “在未来的许多年里,我们将体会到他们的逝去以及这场悲剧的后果。”

CNN's Patrick Cornell, Chuck Johnston and Artemis Moshtaghian contributed to this report.

CNN:帕特里克·康奈尔(Patrick Cornell),查克·约翰斯顿(Chuck Johnston)和(阿蒂米斯·莫什塔干)Artemis Moshtaghian报导。

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