缩小性别差距:女性需要更多的 “前沿” 岗位
Closing the Gender Gap: More Women Need 'Frontier' Jobs
2019-12-30 15:41

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Good morning, Broadsheet readers! President Trump sends Speaker Nancy Pelosi a letter about impeachment, male scientists are more likely than their female counterparts to describe their work in glowing terms, and more women are needed on the ‘frontier.’ Have a wonderful Wednesday. 

早上好,读者朋友们!特朗普总统就弹劾事件给众议院议长南希·佩洛西 (Nancy Pelosi) 写了一封信;男科学家在描述其工作时运用溢美之词的可能性高于女科学家;女性需要更多的 “ 前沿 ” 岗位。祝各位周三愉快。



-‘Frontier’ women. I’ll be honest, the new World Economic Forum report on the global gender gap is not easy reading. The top-line takeaway is that “none of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children.” That’s because gender parity will not be attained for 99.5 years. Not exactly uplifting news to kick off your day.

-从事 “ 前沿 ” 工作的女性。说实话,世界经济论坛新发布的讨论全球性别差距的报告读起来并不容易。最重要的是,“ 在我们的有生之年,没有人会看到性别平等,包括我们的下一代。” “ 原因是实现性别平等还得再等99.5年。新的一天由这则新闻开启,尽管它几乎难以让你振奋起来。





But don’t dismiss the issue as hopeless; it’s important to understand the powers at play. The report examines gender parity across four categories: economic participation, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment. Education and health and survival are the closest to eliminating gender gaps; they’re at 96% and 97% parity, respectively. Political empowerment is the farthest from parity at a woeful 24.7%, but it did see a 1.8 percentage point uptick in the past year.


The real trouble area is economic participation, where the march toward parity actually regressed last year to 57.8%. The usual culprits are at play here: a smaller share of women are in the labor force, gender gaps widen with seniority, women are still prohibited—in one way or another—from opening a bank account or obtaining credit in 72(!) countries, women shoulder a disproportionate share of household and care responsibilities, and that dang wage gap persists.


But there’s another data set that stood out to me as more novel: women’s representation in ‘frontier’ jobs—defined as those that will grow in the next five years—in the leading 20 economies. In only two of the eight categories of jobs (people and culture and content production) did women make up a majority of the workforce. In the other six—marketing, sales, production development, data and A.I., engineering, and cloud computing—female workers were in the minority. (On top of being underrepresented in these emerging fields, women are overrepresented in professions at risk of being automated.) The supply of women with ‘frontier’ skills is only part of the problem; in some instances, employers are overlooking women who are qualified for such roles.

但在我看来,20个主要经济体所反映的女性从事 “前沿” 工作的比例 (即未来5年将会增加的工作) 结果更为新奇。在八类工作中,只有两类 (人力、文化和内容生产) 女性占了劳动力的大多数。但另外六项工作,即市场营销、销售、生产开发、数据和人工智能,工程和云计算中女性员工占少数。(除了这些新兴领域中的职业女性比例过低之外,女性员工在某些具备自动化趋势的行业中的比例过高。) 女性缺乏 “前沿” 技能只是部分原因,在某些情况下,雇主忽视了适合担任这类职位的女性。

The suggested solution is going to sound familiar: “a rigorous diversity and inclusion agenda,” as WEF puts it, that’s aimed at fully utilizing existing talent pools and ensuring the women already employed in ‘frontier’ professions stay there.

我们提出的解决方案似乎是老生常谈了:正如世界经济论坛所说,“ 将严格贯彻多样性和包容性的概念提上议程 ” 其目的在于充分利用现有的人才库,确保获得 “ 前沿 ” 性工作岗位的女性不被淘汰。

That call to action doesn’t necessarily dull the blow of the report’s headline, but it is at least one concrete approach to addressing what remains an enormous, global problem.  


Claire Zillman




Today’s Broadsheet was produced by Emma Hinchliffe




– Dear Madame Speaker... President Trump sent a six-page letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in which he railed against the Democrats’ move toward impeachment. The letter’s language is trademark Trump: “As you know very well, this impeachment drive has nothing to do with Ukraine, or the totally appropriate conversation I had with its new president,” Trump writes to Pelosi. “It only has to do with your attempt to undo the election of 2016 and steal the election of 2020!” Fortune

-亲爱的议长女士…特朗普总统向众议院议长南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi) 递交了一封长达六页的信,他在信中谴责了民主党的弹劾行动。特朗普在给佩洛西的信中写道:“ 你很清楚,这次弹劾行动与乌克兰无关,也与我与乌克兰新总统之间完全适当的对话无关。” “而只是你为了推翻2016年大选的结果,为了在2020年竞选中谋取有利形势罢了!” ---《财富》

– A groundbreaking study! When male scientists present their work, they are more likely than women to call their studies “unprecedented,” “remarkable,” “excellent,” and “novel.” Women stick to specific, narrower language. Researchers believe that male confidence (overconfidence?) leads to men’s studies getting 10% more citations. Wall Street Journal

-一个开创性的研究!当男性科学家介绍他们的工作时,他们运用 “ 史无前例的 ” 、“ 卓越的 ”、“ 优秀的 ” 和 “ 新颖的 ” 这类评价性词汇的可能性高于女科学家。女性们则坚持使用特定的、狭隘的语言。研究人员认为,男性的自信 (过度自信?) 是男性研究被引用的比例超过10%的原因。---《华尔街日报》

– Cleanup not so complete?60 Minutes supposedly cleaned house as part of CBS’s big cleanup following the ouster of Les Moonves and show executive producer Jeff Fager. But associate producer Cassandra Vinograd says in a lawsuit that she faced retaliation for reporting workplace misconduct by her boss as recently as September. HuffPost

- 清理工作没有完成?在哥伦比亚广播公司首席执行官莱斯利·穆维斯及影片《60分钟》的执行制片人杰夫·法格尔被解职后,该剧一度被认为是该媒体巨头内部 “大换血” 的一次整顿。但副制片人卡桑德拉·维诺格拉德(Cassandra Vinograd) 面临诉讼时称,就在去年9月,她还因为举报老板在工作场所的不当行为而遭到报复。---《赫芬顿邮报》

– Acquisition season. Sophia Amoruso’s media and networking platform Girlboss sold to Attention Capital, the new media investment firm founded by Fox Networks Group president Joe Marchese, Snap’s former head of content Nick Bell, and former Palantir executive Ashlyn Gentry. The size of the deal wasn’t disclosed, and Amoruso will stay on and join Attention Capital. Plus, Ankiti Bose’s near-unicornZilingo, a fashion platform, acquired the Sri Lankan SaaS startup nCinga in a $15.5 million deal. 

——收购季节。由苏菲亚·阿莫鲁索创办的媒体在线平台Girlboss被新媒体投资公司Attention Capital收购,该公司由福克斯网络集团总裁Joe Marchese、Snap前内容负责人Nick Bell和Palantir前高管Ashlyn Gentry共同创立。这次收购行动的交易规模还未公开,阿莫鲁索将继续留任,并加入Attention Capital。此外,安基蒂·博斯 (Ankiti Bose) 旗下的时尚平台 “独角兽” (unicornzilingo)以1550万美元的价格收购了斯里兰卡SaaS初创公司nCinga。

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Kuwait appointed Mariam Al-Aqeel as finance minister; she is the first woman in the Gulf region hold that job. Hearst Magazines named Kristen O’Hara, formerly of Snap. Inc, SVP and chief business officer. The New York Times promoted Washington bureau chief Elisabeth Bumiller to assistant managing editor. When Leading Women founder and CEO Susan Colantuono retires at the end of the month, president and COO Kelly Lockwood Primus will become CEO. 

权势人物:科威特任命马里亚姆·阿基尔 (Mariam Al-Aqeel) 为财政部长;她是海湾地区第一位担任该职位的女性。赫斯特 (Hearst) 杂志提名 Snap 前高级副总裁兼首席商务官克里斯汀·奥哈拉 (Kristen O 'Hara) 。《纽约/时报》华盛顿分社社长伊丽莎白·布米勒晋升助理总编辑。首席女性创始人兼首席执行官苏珊·科兰托诺将于本月底退休,届时公司总裁兼首席运营官凯利·洛克伍德·博智将出任首席执行官。



– Apology accepted? Last weekend, Estonian Conservative People’s Party chairman and interior minister Mart Helme took a swipe at new Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. Helme called the 34-year-old “a cashier” (Marin has worked in a department store); Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid reached out to Finland to apologize. Helme yesterday survived a no-confidence vote called because of his comments. Time

-接受道歉吗?上个周末,爱沙尼亚保守派人民党主席、内政部长赫尔梅抨击了芬兰新任总理马琳。赫尔梅将34岁的马琳称为 “收银员” (Marin曾在一家百货公司工作);爱沙尼亚总统卡尔朱瑞德向芬兰道歉。昨日,赫尔梅侥幸挺过因其言论而引发的不信任投票。---《纽约/时报》

– Congressional wardrobe. We know that many working women have started relying on Rent the Runway’s unlimited offering for their wardrobes—but what about working congresswomen? The clothing rental service, led by CEO Jennifer Hyman, is growing in popularity on Capitol Hill. Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Stephanie Murphy use the service, and the Congressional mailroom can often be seen piled with Rent the Runway delivery bags. Washington Post

——国会的衣柜。我们知道,许多职业女性已经开始依赖 于  “伸展台租衣网” 公司所提供的无限量服装---但职业国会女议员呢?这家由首席执行官詹妮弗•海曼 (Jennifer Hyman) 领导的服装租赁公司越来越受到美国国会的青睐。众议员亚历山德里亚·奥卡西奥-科尔特斯 (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) 和斯蒂芬妮·墨菲 (Stephanie Murphy) 就是该公司的用户之一,国会的邮件收发室里经常可以看到众多印着 “伸展台租衣网” logo的快递袋。---《华盛/顿邮报》

Little Women, big problem.Greta Gerwig’s new adaptation of Little Women could suffer this awards season—because male Academy members aren’t even watching it! RSVPs for screenings so far have skewed heavily toward women, and Oscar voters, well, do not. Producer Amy Pascal says she’s not sure men are watching their screener DVDs at home either. Vanity Fair

-小女人,大问题。格蕾塔·葛韦格改编自《小妇人》的新剧可能会在这一季的颁奖典礼上遭遇冷遇---因为奥斯卡颁奖礼上的男演员们甚至都不看这部剧!到目前为止,电影放映后所收到的反馈意见大都来自于女性,其中并没有奥斯卡的投票者。该剧制片人艾米·帕斯卡 (Amy Pascal)说,她也不确定男人是否会在家用DVD看电影。---《名利场》



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“ 我获得了博士学位,当上了市长,还娶给了我一生的挚爱!”

-Claudia López, incoming mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, after marrying her partner Angélica Lozano. López is the first woman to lead Bogotá and the first openly lesbian mayor of a capital city in Latin America. 


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