What to Consider When Developing a Brand
2019-12-23 15:49

Increase customer awareness by developing brand recognition. Creating a brand for your company takes time and careful planning. Your company could be the next icon for your particular product or service. When you have a cut, you reach for the Band Aid® even if the bandage may be made by a different company. Cool fruity gelatin desserts are referred to as Jello® by most Americans. Look around you and notice the many brands around you. What makes them so popular?

培养品牌再认(brand recognition)可以用来提高客户认知(customer awareness)。建立一个品牌则需要时间以及精心的计划。你的公司会因你独特的商品或服务而成为下一个行业偶像。就像当你被割伤时,即使绷带是由其他公司生产的,你还是会去拿邦迪创可贴(BandAid®),而凉爽的的果味胶质甜点被大多数美国人将称为Jello®。 环顾四周,注意身边的品牌,是什么让它们如此受欢迎?

Identify Target Market


What type of customers are you trying to attract? The success of your company's branding efforts will rely on the customers you are pursuing. Trendy graphics and hip hop music may attract the younger consumer, but this type of advertising might turn off the mature customers. Cater to the interests of your potential clientele.

您想吸引哪种类型的客户? 公司品牌推广工作是否成功取决于你选择的客户类型。 时尚的图片和嘻哈音乐会吸引更加年轻的消费者,但是这类广告可能会使成年消费者失去兴趣。 一定要迎合您潜在客户的兴趣。



Research your ideas so you do not infringe on another company's brand. Developing your brand is a long term investment. Register your trademark legally to protect your company's name from imposters and possible customer confusion.

为避免侵犯其他公司的品牌,请对你的想法进行调研。 发展品牌是一项长期投资。请注册合法商标,保护你的品牌免于被冒名顶替或者给客户可能带来的困扰。

Logo and Color Scheme


Choose simple color choices and an easy to read font for your company logo. Choosing a graphic that says something about your business helps in creating your unique brand name. A good example of an effective logo is the swirled red, white and blue Pepsi® circle. The simple logo dominates the cans and bottles it is printed on and the only reading required is to determine if it is regular, flavored, diet or caffeine free.

为公司logo选择简单的配色方案以及易于阅读的字体。选择一个有助于公众理解公司的图片有助于创造独特的品牌名称。关于有效logo一个很好的例子就是百事(Pepsi®),它的圆形logo是由波浪形的红色、白色和蓝色构成。百事的罐装和瓶装上都印有这种简单的logo,购买者唯一需要进一步读取的信息仅仅是它是否是原味、特别口味、无糖或者是不含咖啡 因。

Celebrity Endorsements


Visual stimulation will help prospective customers remember you. Grab their attention with ads and commercials using a recognized person or character. Hanes® sales increased when Michael Jordan became a spokesperson for their national campaign and television commercials. Small businesses starting out probably cannot hire a famous celebrity like Michael but there are other ways to attract customers and create an identity for your business. Create your own character. Animated celebrities like M&M® candies have been brought to life on television and online ads. If you are directly involved with your customers in a retail environment, you could be the face of your company. If you are uncomfortable using actual photos, consider turning your picture into a cartoon. There are several photo programs that can transform a picture into a sketch with the click of a mouse. You could also hire a professional to animate your likeness and use it on all of your advertising.

视觉刺激有助于潜在客户记住你。利用公众人物或角色来投放商业广告,吸引客户的注意力。当迈克尔·乔丹(Michael Jordan)成为恒适(Hanes®)全国推广活动和电视广告的代言人时,恒适(Hanes®)的销售量增加了。 虽然刚刚起步的小型企业没办法请到像迈克尔这样的名人,但可以利用其它方法吸引客户并为公司打造一个易于识别的身份。可以创造属于你自己的角色。 比如玛氏(M&M®)糖果的动画人物已经在电视和在线广告中栩栩如生。如果在零售行业中是你直接与客户进行互动,那么你就代表着公司的形象。如果你不习惯使用真实的照片,可以考虑将你的照片变成卡通版本。有好几种只需要简单点击鼠标就能将图片转化为素描的照片软件。你也可以聘请专业人士来制作自己的肖像,并将其用于所有广告中。

Catchy Tag line or Jingle


"You deserve a break today" is not heard as often as it used to be but most people still remember that catchy jingle. That saying became popular before there were fast food restaurants on every corner. It was a treat for a woman to pick up dinner at McDonalds® and not have to cook. What does your company offer that can help the consumer? Your tag line should be short, easy to remember and send a message to your customer. Turn your tag line into a musical jingle and your company will become the brand consumers will remember.

虽然已经不像以前那样经常听到“今天你该休息了”这句话,但大多数人仍然记得这句简单又好记的广告歌词。 这个说法在快餐店开满每个角落之前很流行。曾经对于女人来说,不必做饭而选择在麦当劳(McDonalds®)吃晚餐是一种享受。贵公司可以提供什么能够帮助消费者的产品呢? 你的标语应该简单明了,易于传递给消费者并让他们记住。如果将标语转换成一首广告歌,你的公司将成为被消费者记住的品牌。

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