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Will audio livestreaming take off in America? – TechCrunch
2019-12-22 15:32

Combining podcasting, talk radio and mobile apps is increasingly popular in China



For many podcast listeners, following their favorite shows is a solitary experience.


A recent survey of 2,000 users by the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications found they listened to podcasts most often at home, during commutes or while exercising. Over the past couple of years, however, a new trend, audio livestreaming, has taken off in China. The medium is basically a combination of podcasting and talk radio, with mobile apps enabling interactive features like live chats with other listeners, call-in requests and emoji reactions.


If it follows other formats that gained traction in China before becoming popular elsewhere, like short-form video apps (including TikTok) and video livestreams, it may give podcasts in other markets a new way to reach more listeners and monetize.


Castbox, a podcast app headquartered in San Francisco with an engineering office in Beijing, launched Livecasts in July. Available in its mobile and desktop apps, which have 20 million users around the world, the feature allows hosts to launch audio livestreams in private or public channels.

Castbox是一家播客应用程序,总部位于旧金山,在北京设有工程办公室,该播客应用程序已于7月推出了Livecasts 。该功能可在其移动和桌面应用程序中使用,该应用程序在全球拥有2000万用户,允许主机在私有或公共频道中启动音频直播。

While communities of fans have grown around many popular podcasts, interacting with hosts and other listeners is still a fragmented experience that takes place through Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, online forums like Reddit or, more occasionally, podcast players like Castbox that have comments sections. Sometimes podcasts are recorded live, either in front of an audience or while it streams online, but even then the user experience is still relatively passive, focused on listening instead of interacting.

尽管粉丝社区已经围绕许多流行的播客进行了扩展,但与主持人和其他听众进行交互仍然是较稀少的体验,它通过Facebook小组,Twitter主题标签,Reddit之类的在线论坛,或者偶尔有诸如Castbox之类的带有评论部分的播客播放器进行。有时,播客是现场直播的 ,既可以在观众面前,也可以在在线直播时进行录制 ,但是即使那样,用户体验仍然相对被动,侧重于收听而不是进行交互。

Audio livestreams give hosts a more immediate way to engage with listeners. In China, all three of the most popular audio content apps — Ximalaya, Lychee and Dragonfly — include audio livestreams, covering topics ranging from politics and current events to relationships and parenting.


About almost half of the users of Castbox's app, a podcast player that also has original programming, are from the United States, but the company's engineering base in China means it is well-positioned to introduce Chinese internet trends to new markets.


Yicheng Ruan, Castbox product manager, tells Extra Crunch that audio livestreams are like much more interactive versions of talk radio shows. Castbox's Livecast includes many of the same features that have become popular in China, including the ability to stream a live audio chat with multiple hosts, in-channel messaging rooms, call-in requests and virtual gifts paid for with in-app currency that can be exchanged for real money.

Castbox产品经理阮艺成告诉Extra Crunch,音频直播就像谈话节目的互动版本一样。 Castbox的Livecast包含许多在中国流行的相同功能,包括能够与多个主机进行实时音频聊天,频道内消息传递室,通话请求以及以应用内货币付费的虚拟礼物的功能,这些虚拟礼物可以兑换成真钱。

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