The global gender gap report 2020 is expected to close in 257 years
2019-12-18 19:51


Original title: 2020 global gender gap report released: gender pay gap expected to close in 257


The global gender gap report 2020 released by the world economic forum (wef) shows that the estimated time needed to completely eliminate the gender gap in 2019 has been shortened to 99.5 years, a slight improvement from 108 years in 2018, foreign media reported on December 17.


The report notes that gender equality is close to being achieved in the areas of education and health/survival, with 96.1 per cent and 95.7 per cent, respectively. In areas such as education, the workplace and politics, men and women are unlikely to achieve gender equality in their lifetimes.


The progress in 2019 is largely due to a huge increase in the number of women in politics, according to the report. It will take 95 years to close the gender gap in politics, compared with 107 last year. Politics remains by far the slowest area of progress.


In economic participation, efforts to pursue gender equality also face significant challenges: the gender ratio has declined from 58.1 percent in 2018 to 57.8 percent in 2019. It is expected to take 257 years to close the gender gap in the economy in 2019, compared with 202 years in 2018.

在大多数新兴行业,女性比例普遍偏低,这种差距在“云计算”类职业中表现最为明显,只有12%的专业人士是女性。在“工程”(15%)和“数据和人工智能”(26%) 等相关职业中的情况也不容乐观。

Women are underrepresented in most emerging industries, with the gap most pronounced in "cloud computing" occupations, where only 12 per cent of professionals are women. The picture is also grim for related professions such as "engineering" (15%) and "data and artificial intelligence" (26%).


Out of 153 countries, Iceland remains the country with the highest level of gender equality, topping the list for the 11th year in a row.

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