Daring Foods公司提供健康、美味的植物性鸡肉——TechCrunch
Daring Foods will offer healthy, tasty plant-based chicken – TechCrunch
2019-12-18 12:29

Anyone who wants to eat a meatless burger has plenty of options — but what if you want to be a little healthier?


Daring Foods will soon be offering an alternative, in the form of plant-based chicken made from five non-genetically modified ingredients — water, soy, sunflower oil, salt and natural flavoring (a mix of paprika, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, mace, cardamom).

Daring Foods公司不久将提供为您提供另一种产品,用五种非转基因成分——水、大豆、葵花籽油、盐和天然香料(混合了辣椒粉、胡椒粉、姜、肉豆蔻,梅斯,小豆蔻)制成。

“We're not here to be a gimmick, we're here to be part of your life every day,” said Daring Foods co-founder and CEO Ross Mackay. “There's a big need for plant-based food that's actually healthy.”

Daring Foods公司的联合创始人兼首席执行官罗斯·麦凯说:“我们不是来宣传噱头的,我们是来融入你的日常生活的。人们对真正健康的素食食有很大的需求。”

The company started selling the first version of its Daring Pieces product in the United Kingdom at the beginning of this year.


Today, it announced that it has the backing of Rastelli Foods Group, a major U.S. food company supplying hotels, restaurants, retail markets and other commercial customers. In fact, Rastelli has committed $10 million to Daring, an investment that combines cash with infrastructure, sales and distribution support.

今天,该公司宣布其获得了美国主要食品公司拉斯泰利食品集团的支持。拉斯泰利食品集团为酒店、餐厅、零售市场和其他商业客户提供食品。实际上,拉斯泰利已经向Daring Foods公司投资1000万美元,这是一项集基础设施、销售和分销支持于一体的投资。

With Rastelli's backing, Daring plans to launch in the United States in February, selling directly to consumers through its website, and also to restaurants and retailers. It sounds like the startup is committed to the U.S. market, and is shifting its headquarters from Glasgow to New York.

在拉斯泰利的支持下,Daring Foods公司计划于明年2月在美国推出产品,并通过网站直接销售给消费者、餐馆和零售商。听上去这家初创公司致力于拓展美国市场,并正将总部从格拉斯哥迁至纽约。

I had a chance to try Daring Pieces for myself, when Mackay cooked a light lunch for me earlier this month. He heated them on a pan with no extra seasoning, and they were ready in about eight minutes. He even encouraged me to eat it with my hands, to feel how Daring Pieces have the texture of real chicken.

本月早些时候,麦凯为我做了一顿简单的午餐,我有机会自己尝试了一次Daring Foods公司的食物。他在平底锅上加食物,不添加任何调料,大约8分钟就做好了。他甚至鼓励我用手拿着吃,来感受一下鸡肉的触感。

As a vegetarian, I'm not exactly an authority on chicken, but I thought it tasted pretty close to the real thing. I even brought another portion home and cooked them for dinner a couple nights later.


Mackay is vegan himself, but he said his target audience is meat-eaters who are looking to a more plant-based diet. By focusing on chicken and white meat, he's hoping to create what he calls a “second generation” of plant-based meat products — healthier than the first, and therefore a bigger part of everyday diets.


Plus, with Daring Pieces you don't feel like you've had a heavy meal, and you can be comfortable knowing that there aren't a bunch of artificial ingredients.

此外,吃Darling Foods公司的食物,你也不会觉得自己吃了一顿油腻的大餐,而且你也知道其中不含人工配料,从而感到舒适。

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