Hatred of Jews Motivated the Jersey City Shooters' Act of 'Domestic Terrorism,' Officials Say
2019-12-13 16:34

New Jersey officials are now confident the shooters who opened fire in a kosher market Tuesday and left multiple dead were motivated by “hatred of the Jewish people, as well as hatred of law enforcement.”


At a press conference Thursday afternoon, the state Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said they're investigating the shooting at the JC Kosher Supermarket in Jersey City as an act of domestic terrorism.

在周四下午的新闻发布会上,州检察长格里沃(Gurbir S. Grewal)表示,他们正在调查发生在泽西城JC Kosher超市的枪击案,称这是一起国内恐怖主义行为。

Grewal formally identified the suspects as David Anderson, 47, and Francine Graham, 50, and said that investigators had found evidence linking the pair to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, a sprawling network of overlapping sects and theologies that has a black supremacist wing. The pair were killed in a gun battle with police that went on for hours after the suspects barricaded themselves in the store.

格里沃正式确认,嫌疑人是47岁的戴维·安德森(David Anderson)和50岁的弗朗辛·格雷厄姆(Francine Graham)。他说,调查人员发现,这两人与希伯来人以色列运动(Black Hebrew Israelite movement)有关。 这两人在与警方的枪战中被击毙,枪战持续了数小时,之后嫌疑人将自己关在了商店里。

“Both suspects expressed interest in this group, but we have not definitively established any formal links to that organization or any other group based on available evidence,” Grewal said. Investigators are also still combing through social media accounts, that they believe were “used by the suspects and purport to espouse certain viewpoints.”

格里沃说:“两名嫌疑人都对这个组织表示了兴趣,但是根据现有的证据,我们还没有确定地与那个组织或任何其他组织建立任何正式的联系。” 调查人员还在梳理社交媒体账户,他们认为这些账户“被嫌疑人使用,并声称支持某些观点”。

Five guns were recovered from the scene in total. Four were found inside the deli, including an AR-style rifle. The fifth, a .22-caliber Ruger Mark 4 equipped with a homemade silencer, was discovered in a stolen U-Haul van that the suspects had parked outside. Investigators also discovered a pipe bomb in the van, as well as a brief note that said something along the lines of “I do this because my creator makes me do this, and I hate who He hates,” according to NBC.

现场一共找到了五支枪。 其中在熟食店内发现了四支枪支,其中包括一把ar步枪。 第五支枪支是一把22口径的Ruger Mark 4,配有自制消音器,是在嫌犯停放在外面的一辆偷来的U-Haul货车里发现的。 据美国全国广播公司(NBC)报道,调查人员还在车内发现了一枚管状炸弹,以及一张简短的纸条,上面写着“我这样做是因为我的创造者让我这样做,我讨厌他讨厌的人。”

Anderson and Graham are also considered prime suspects in the recent murder of a car service driver in Bayonne, six miles from Jersey City. The 34-year-old victim was found beaten to death in the trunk of his Lincoln Town Car.

安德森和格雷厄姆还被认为是最近在距泽西城6英里的巴约纳发生的一起汽车服务司机谋杀案的主要嫌疑人。 这名34岁的受害者被发现死在他的林肯城市汽车的后备箱里。

Tuesday's shooting upended the growing Orthodox Jewish community in the mostly black neighborhood of Greenville in Jersey City. It started at around 12:30 p.m. in a nearby cemetery, when a police detective approached Anderson and Graham as they were sitting in the U-Haul. Anderson or Graham shot Detective Joseph Seals in the head, killing him, and drove away.

周二的枪击事件颠覆了在泽西城格林维尔主要由黑人组成的日益壮大的正统犹太社区。 事件发生在下午12点30分左右,地点是附近的一个公墓。当时,一名警探走近坐在u型拖车里的安德森和格雷厄姆。 安德森或格雷厄姆开枪击中侦探约瑟夫·西尔斯的头部,杀死他,然后开车离开。

Police said Wednesday that surveillance video showed the pair driving slowly through the Greenville neighborhood before parking outside the market — which is on the same block as a small synagogue — and opening fire on it. After an hourslong, chaotic shootout with police, law enforcement eventually entered the deli where they found five people dead, including the suspects.

警方星期三说,监控录像显示,这两人在把车停在和一个小犹太教堂在同一街区的市场外面之前,在格林维尔附近缓慢地开车,并向市场开枪。 经过与警方长达一个小时的混乱枪战,执法部门最终进入了这家熟食店,在那里他们发现五人死亡,其中包括嫌疑人。

Two of the victims found in the market — Moshe Deutsch, 24, and Mindy Ferencz, 31 — were part of the local Hasidic community. Grewal praised the medical examiner for ensuring their burials and autopsies were in keeping with their religious traditions.

市场中发现的两名受害者——24岁的Moshe Deutsch和31岁的Mindy Ferencz——是当地哈西德教派的成员。 格里沃称赞法医确保他们的埋葬和尸检符合他们的宗教传统。

The other victim discovered in the store was named as Miguel Rodriguez, 49, who emigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador three years ago.

在商店里发现的另一名受害者名叫米格尔罗德里格斯(Miguel Rodriguez), 49岁,三年前从厄瓜多尔移民到美国。

在商店里发现的另一名受害者名叫米格尔罗德里格斯(Miguel Rodriguez), 49岁,三年前从厄瓜多尔移民到美国。

封面:2019年12月11日星期三,纽约布鲁克林犹太教堂外,正统的犹太男人抬着明德尔·费伦茨的棺材。 他的葬礼将在泽西城举行。 
费伦茨星期二在新泽西州泽西城的一个食品市场被枪杀。 (美联社照片/马克世贸)

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