The Best Green Monday Deals at Amazon, eBay, REI, and More
2019-12-13 21:45

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Christmas is a little more than two weeks away. If you aren't finished with your holiday shopping yet, these Green Monday sales might be of some assistance.


Barely a decade old, Green Monday was first coined by eBay. It's called Green Monday because, historically, the second Monday in December is the busiest sales day of the month, probably due to its proximity to looming holiday shopping deadlines. Regardless of nomenclature, stores tend to offer some good deals on Green Monday, and we've rounded them up for you below. Some prices match what we saw on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering you a way to save if you missed out on some discounts back in November. Note that the majority of these deals last for one day and one day only.


We won't be updating this roundup throughout the day, as items sell out online faster than we can cover them, but we encourage you to check the sales beyond our recommendations if you have some more shopping to do. Be sure to check out our many other buying guides, including gifts for couch potatoes, gifts for your mom, and gifts for Xbox gamers.


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Best Green Monday SalesPhotograph: Instant Pot

绿一最火爆的商品照片:Instant Pot

No matter who you're buying for, these discounts could save you some dough.


eBay Green Monday Sale


As the "inventors" of Green Monday, it seems only fitting that eBay would offer everything under the sun at a discount today. Note that the deals featured by eBay are from trusted or top-rated sellers, meaning marketplace sellers with tons of positive feedback and an overall squeaky-clean track record. When in doubt, check out the seller to ensure that feedback is at least 98 percent positive and that their store has been operating for more than just a few months. New deals are being added every hour.


  • Save 5 percent on a Nintendo Switch. Usually, Nintendo Switch deals come in the form of bundles with a bunch of unneeded accessories thrown in, and this gets you a straight-up price cut.
  • Snag a PhoneSoap 3 bundle for $43 ($30 off). This device sanitizes your phone and charges it as well.
  • The Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine is $80 ($95 off). While we haven't reviewed this specific version, we like that Nespresso pods are recyclable, and our testing of other models proved the machines to be fast and reliable.
  • There are a ton more deals for your perusal, and you can check them out here.
  • 任天堂游戏机95折。任天堂游戏机通常都是和一大堆配件一起进行销售的,所以这可算是大减价了。
  • 抢购PhoneSoap 3 bundle仅需43美元(优惠30美元)。这款装置用于手机消毒和充电。
  • Nespresso Essenza 迷你咖啡机仅80美元(优惠95美元)。虽然还没有评论过该产品,但我们认为Nespresso咖啡过滤器是可循环利用的,用其他模型的过滤器进行测试后,发现这款咖啡机高效可靠。
  • 海量产品供你浏览,可以点击此处进行确认。

HP Green Monday Sale


  • 13英寸HP Spectre X360是最受欢迎的高端笔记本之一(获得《WIRED》评论9/10的评分)。基础款仅需730美元(优惠420美元),英特尔8代i7芯片,8G内存和512G的硬盘(固态硬盘)配置。今日价格与网一的价格一样。
  • HP提供大量其他绿一商品:笔记本电脑、台式电脑及各种配件。

Lenovo Green Monday Sale


REI Green Monday Sale


  • Smartwool女士美利奴250打底衫打折,促销价73美元,若使用优惠券码CYBERDEAL19,价格将降至55美元。
  • 使用同一优惠券码,购买一件REI Outlet单品可额外再打7.5折。优惠满满。优惠券截止今晚。



Amazon has a 12 Day's of Deals promotion going on right now and the site's layout is similar to what we saw during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some of these deals are only live for a few hours, and all have a chance of selling out. Here are a few featured deals:




Walmart's sales are a bit scattered. You can still get some great deals, matching discounts we saw for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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