Three students have died by suici/de this semester at a New Jersey university, sparking criticism about mental health resources
2019-12-30 20:24

(CNN)Students and officials at Rowan University in southern New Jersey are grappling with grief and anger after an unusual recent spike in student suicides.

( 美国有线电视新闻网报道 ) 新泽西州南部罗文大学的学生和官员最近因学生自杀事件异常激增而饱受悲伤和愤怒之苦。

The most recent suicide -- the third of the current semester -- happened the day after Thanksgiving, rocking the 19,600-student university in Glassboro.


"Losing three students in one semester is beyond description," Rowan University President Ali Houshmand told CNN. "How do you look into the faces of the parents of these kids?"

罗恩大学校长阿里·霍什曼德(Ali Houshmand)告诉美国有线电视新闻网:“ 一个学期失去三名学生的感觉是无法描述的。” “你说,我有何颜面向这些孩子的父母交代?”

Houshmand said the number was unusually high for a single semester.


The deaths have sparked outrage on social media, with users identifying themselves as current students and alumni criticizing the school for not doing more to help students with mental health problems. Rowan's president says the university is addressing the issue.


Junior Destiny Hall said she had a personal connection to a friend who died.


"I never had experience with suicide until my friend passed away," she said. "Then it felt like it was all that I could think of."

“ 直到我的朋友去世,我才真正经历自杀事件,” 她说。“ 然后我觉得这就是我能想到的一切。” 

The Glassboro Police Department declined to comment on the three deaths, citing their sensitive nature and an ongoing investigation.


Students organized a vigil to remember those who died


Hall and senior Monica Foley organized a vigil on campus Friday night in honor of those who died. Around 100 people attended, according to Foley.

霍尔及一名大四生莫妮卡·弗利(Monica Foley)周五晚上在校园里组织了守夜活动,以悼念死者。弗利说,大约有100人参加。

"Even people who did not personally know the students we lost, their hearts still hurt so much for them," Foley said.

弗利说:“ 即使他们并不认识我们学校逝去的这三条生命,他们同样为其感到揪心。”

Organizers provided candles, while some students brought their own. It was a "sad atmosphere," said Foley, "but people were also hugging each other and supporting each other and it was really nice."

组织者提供了蜡烛,而一些学生则带来了自己的蜡烛。弗利说,“ 尽管气氛很悲痛 ”,“ 但人们互相拥抱,互相支持,真的很美好。”

The vigil, Foley said, was the result of a semester of tragedy.


"All the loss this semester built up so much to the point where it seemed necessary to honor all of our classmates and create a space for everyone to mourn together, " she said.

她说:“ 考虑到这学期我们所失去的东西已经积压到了一定程度,似乎有必要向我们所有的同学致敬,并为大家创造一个可供群体哀悼的空间。”

Hall said she decided to organize the event "in memory of my friend and others, because I wanted to say that we didn't forget about them."

霍尔说,她决定组织这次活动,“ 纪念我的朋友和其他人,因为我想说,我们没有忘记他们。”

Deaths have sparked criticism on social media


At least a handful of current and former students have posted online comments critical of the university's mental health resources.


Lauren Kubiak, who graduated from Rowan University May 2018, said on Twitter she believes the school doesn't have enough counselors available to students. "And Rowan doesn't think they're in the wrong?" she wrote.

2018年5月毕业于罗文大学 (Rowan University) 的劳伦·库比亚克 (Lauren Kubiak) 在推特上发文表示,她认为学校的辅导员配备不足。“ 罗文大学看不到自身的错误吗?” 她写道。

Foley, the Rowan senior, said, "I think Rowan is taking important steps, but there is always room for improvement."

罗文大学的大四学生弗利说:“ 我认为罗文正试图迈出重要的一步,但仍然存在改进的空间。”

In a statement posted online, Houshmand said the university has "tripled the number of counselors at the Glassboro campus" over the past six years and is looking to hire three more professionals. He said that the college's level of 15 counselors was at the "high end of the national standard," with one counselor "for every 1,000 to 1,500 students."

霍什曼德在网上发表了一份声明,称在过去的六年里,这所大学的 “ 格拉斯伯勒校区的辅导员人数增加了三倍 ”,并打算另外再雇佣三名专业人员。他说,15名在校辅导员的资质水平可达 “ 国家级的高端标准 ”,“ 平均每位辅导员负责1000到1500名学生。”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not track suicide data at individual colleges. But CDC data show an increase in the suicide rate among Americans age 15 to 24 since 2000.

美国疾病控制与预防中心 ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC ) 并不追踪个别大学的自杀数据。但CDC的数据显示,自2000年以来,15至24岁的美国人自杀率有所上升。

Hall said she recognizes that the deaths aren't unique to Rowan.


"It's a very personal event to me," she said, "because I felt like months later we were finally doing [my friend] justice in fighting for recognition of this national crisis that has touched our campus."

“ 对我来说,这是一件非常私人的事情,” 她说,“ 因为我觉得历经几个月的努力,我们终于为我们的朋友伸张了正义,并让大众意识到这场我校也难以置身事外的校园的全国性危机。”

Other universities also have dealt with sudden increases in student suicides in recent years. The University of Southern California said last month that at least three students have died by suicide since the start of the semester.


You can call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It provides free and confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for people in suicidal crisis or distress.


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