The Best Camera and Photography Deals for Cyber Monday
2019-12-06 22:38

Black Friday is behind us, but now the Cyber Monday floodgates have opened and there are some new deals on cameras of all shapes and sizes—not mention lenses, SD cards, tripods, and back-up hard drives.


Whether you'd looking for a nice, pocketable point-and-shoot, a full-frame, 4K video-capable mirrorless system, or an action camera that can go anywhere and record anything, there are deals for every skill level, aspiration, and budget. We've sifted through the craziness and curated this collection of deals we think are worth checking out.


Note: We will update this post with new deals as we find them. If an item is no longer at its deal price or sold out, we cross it out. Deal prices sometimes return and items come back in stock faster than we can update, so it never hurts to check for yourself.


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Compact, Instant, and Action Cam DealsPhotograph: GoPro


We recently overhauled our guides to the best compact cameras and best action cameras. Check them out to learn more.


Panasonic Lumix ZS100 for $398 ($300 off)

松下Lumix ZS100售价398美元(折价300美元)


If you want telephoto reach in a compact package, Panasonic's Lumix ZS100 delivers. Rather than the 3X or 4X optical zoom found in most competitors, this camera has a lens with 10X. The camera's 1-inch sensor is on par with some of the best compact cameras. Standard 4K video and Wi-Fi, along with a great touchscreen interface, make this camera feature-full and easy-to-use.

如果你想在紧凑型包装里面达到长焦,松下Lumix ZS 100可提供。与大多数竞争对手的三倍或四倍光学变焦相比,这款相机的镜头是10倍。这台相机的一英尺传感器与一些最好的小型相机不相上下。标准的4K视频和WI-FI,和一个很棒的触摸屏界面,使这台相机功能齐全并且容易使用。

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II for $399 ($80 off)

佳能PowerShot G 9 X Mark II售价399美元(折价80美元)


This little Canon hits the sweet spot for price, features, and image quality (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It's compact, the tilting touchscreen is a standout feature in this class, and the autofocus is surprisingly speedy.


GoPro Hero 8 Black $349 ($50 off)

GoPro Hero 8 Black售价349美元(折价50美元)


The GoPro Hero 8 Black (8/10, WIRED Recommends) brings some major changes to the Hero line. You no longer have to deal with a mounting cage, and some new add-ons make for easier vlogging. But the real highlight is the new customizable menu system, which simplifies using the camera in extreme conditions.

Gopro Hero 8 Black (8 / 10,连线推荐)给 Hero 系列带来了一些重大变化。 您不再需要处理安装笼,一些新的附加装置使它更加容易登录。 但真正的亮点是新的可定制菜单系统,它简化了在极端条件下使用相机。

Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera for $349 ($100 off)

奥林巴斯 TG-6防水相机,售价349美元(折价100美元)


The Olympus TG-6 is a tough little camera that soars where smartphones crash (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It offers excellent image quality for a small camera (complete with support for RAW images), and it's nearly indestructible. If you want a camera that's a GoPro-style, go-anywhere machine but retains the lens and sensor quality of a point-and-shoot, the TG-6 is your best bet. The only thing I don't like about it is the inscrutable menu system. Spend some time with the manual, and make sure you learn all the TG-6's tricks.

奥林巴斯 TG-6是一款坚固的小型相机,可以在智能手机崩溃的地方高速飞行(8 / 10,《连线》推荐)。 它为小型相机提供了卓越的图像质量(完全支持 RAW 图像) ,而且几乎坚不可摧。 如果你想要一个相机一个 gopro 风格,可以去任何地方的机器,但保留了镜头和传感器的质量点和拍摄,TG-6是你最好的选择。 我唯一不喜欢的是难以理解的菜单系统。 花点时间阅读说明书,确保你学会了所有 TG-6的技巧。

GoPro Hero 7 Black for $300 ($30 off)

Gopro Hero 7 Black,300美元(折扣30美元)

$300 (No Accessories): Walmart, Best Buy

300美元(无配件) : 沃尔玛,百思买

$330 (With 2 Batteries and a MicroSD Card): Amazon, Adorama

售价330美元(附2节电池和一张 MicroSD 卡) : 亚马逊(Amazon) ,Adorama

A similar deal has been going on for a while now, but the price has dropped another $30 for Cyber Monday. The Hero 7 is a very capable action camera with 4K video (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It lacks the custom menu features of the Hero 8 Black, but the sensor and lens are the same.

类似的交易已经进行了一段时间了,但是网络星期一的价格又下降了30美元。  Hero 7是一个非常强大的动作摄像机与4K 视频(8 / 10,连线推荐)。 它缺少 Hero 8黑色的自定义菜单功能,但传感器和镜头是一样的。

DJI Osmo Action for $279 ($100 off)

Dji Osmo Action,279美元(折价100美元)

大疆(DJI) ,亚马逊(Amazon)(254美元) ,百思买(Best Buy) ,Adorama

DJI's Osmo Action is my favorite action cam (8/10, WIRED Recommends), and at this price it's an even sweeter deal. The front screen makes shooting yourself easier, and the frame rates for video match what you get out of DJI's drones, saving you some headaches in postproduction if you're combining drone and handheld footage.

大疆的 Osmo 行动是我最喜欢的行动凸轮(8 / 10,连线建议) ,在这个价格它是一个更好的交易。 前面的屏幕使拍自己更加容易,而且视频的帧率与你从大疆的无人机中得到的相匹配,如果你将无人机和手持摄像机结合在一起的话,可以为你节省一些后期制作的麻烦。

DJI Osmo Pocket for $309 ($90 off)

Dji Osmo Pocket 售价309美元(折扣90美元)

大疆(DJI) ,亚马逊(Amazon)(295美元) ,百思买(Best Buy) ,Adorama

One part camera, one part gimbal, the Osmo Pocket put a stabilized, drone-style camera into a handheld grip (8/10, WIRED Recommends). The result is an easy way to get super smooth video as you run, walk, ski, even skydive. The downside is that it's pricey, even on sale. If you have a mobile device capable of quality video, the DJI Osmo Mobile (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is worth considering. (Unfortunately, it's not on sale.)

一部分相机,一部分万向节,Osmo 口袋把一个稳定,无人机风格的相机进入手持式握(8 / 10,连线建议)。 其结果是一个简单的方式,以获得超流畅的视频,例如你跑,走,滑雪,甚至跳伞。 不足之处在于,即使打折它也很贵。 如果你有一个可以高质量视频的设备,DJI Osmo 移动(8 / 10,连线建议)是值得考虑的。 (不幸的是,它没有折扣。)

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic for $120 ($30 off)

富士 Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic 售价120美元(30美元)

亚马逊,B&H 照片,Adorama

Fujifilm's Instax prints are a breath of fresh air in a digital world. The miniature Polaroid-style prints aren't the highest-quality images, but they sure are fun. The Instax Mini 90 is the best Instax camera the company makes. The Mini 90 Neo Classic is compact, comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and gives you more creative control with a push-button close-up lens and a double exposure mode. It's also super easy to take a selfie from just about any angle.

富士胶片的 Instax 版画在数字世界中是一股清流。 微型宝丽来风格的照片不是最高质量的图像,但他们肯定是有趣的。 Instax Mini 90是该公司生产的最好的 Instax 相机。 这款 Mini 90 Neo Classic 相机结构紧凑,配有持久的蓄电池,并且通过一个按键式特写镜头和双曝光模式,让你拥有更多的创造性控制。 从任何角度进行自拍都是非常容易的。

Polaroid Originals Onestep 2 with film for $80 ($50 off)


百思买,b & h 照片(99美元,无胶片)

There are instant cameras we like better, but if you want a Polaroid, and the larger prints you get with Polaroids, this is our top pick (6/10, WIRED Review).


Fujifilm Mini 9 Instant Camera with film for $50 ($35 off)



Fujifilm's Mini 9 is an affordable way into the instant camera world. It's a great gift for kids too since, at this price, you don’t have to feel quite so bad if your kids drop it or blaze through an entire pack of film in ten seconds.


Fujifilm Mini LiPlay Hybrid Instant Camera for $130 ($30 off)

富士Mini LiPlay混合即时相机售价130美元(折扣30美元)


This elegant, pocketable camera is Fujifilm's latest Instax. As a fun bonus, you can also print out photos from your phone with an app.


Mirrorless and DSLR DealsPhotograph: Sony


Be sure to check out our guide to mirrorless cameras for some added context.


Sony Alpha A7 II Mirrorless Camera with 28-70mm lens for $998 ($600 off)

索尼Alpha A7 II 无镜头相机,28-70mm镜头售价998美元(折扣600美元)


This Sony A7 II kit deal is one of the best I've seen this holiday. You get a great camera (albeit one that's a few years old) with one of the best kit lenses I've used. No, it's not a fast prime, but it's better than you think. If you've been looking to get into the full-frame mirrorless camera system, you'd be hard-pressed to find a cheaper way to do it.

这个索尼A7 II套件的交易是我在这个假期见到的最好的之一。你得到了一个好的相机(虽然才几年)和一个我用过的最好的套件镜头。不,它不是一个快速素数,但比你想象的要好。如果你在寻找全框架无反射镜的相机,你将很难找到一个更便宜的方式来做到这一点。

Sony Alpha A7R III Camera Body for $2,498 ($300 off)

索尼Alpha A7R III的相机机身售价2498美元(折扣300美元)


Sony recently released the A7R IV, which we have not had a chance to play with yet, but honestly, it's hard to imagine what could top the previous version. The A7R III offers a 42-megapixel full-frame sensor with fantastic dynamic range and great clarity in the details. This camera is also no slouch when it comes to video.

索尼最近发布了A7R TV,我们还没有机会玩,但说实话,很难想象还有什么可以超过以前的版本。A7R III提供了一个4200万像素的全帧传感器,在细节中具有极好的动态范围和非常好的清晰度。这台相机在当我们录像时也不懒散。

Panasonic Lumix G9 Mirrorless Camera Body for $998 ($500 off)

松下Lumix G9无反光镜相机机身售价美元998(折扣美元500)


The Panasonic Lumix G9 features a 20.3-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor, but can also do an in-camera JPEG or RAW composite image for a 80 megapixels combined image. You also get 5-axis dual image stabilization and 4K video at up to 60p.

松下Lumix G9拥有2030万像素卫星4/3传感器,但也可以为800万像素的合成图像进行机内JPEG和RAW合成。你还可以在60p的高清度下看到5轴的双IS系统和4k视频。

Panasonic Lumix GH5 Camera Body for $1,298 ($700 off)

松下Lumix GH5相机机身手机1298美元(折扣700美元)


The Panasonic GH5 is features a 20-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor with no low pass filter, and stabilized 4K 60P video capabilities. The slightly higher-end GH5S is also on sale for 1,998 ($500 off). This model is the video camera to beat.

松下GH5具有2000万像素的微型4/3传感器,没有低通滤波器,并具有稳定的4k 60p视频功能。稍微高端的GH5S也可以1998美元(折价500美元)的价格发售。这种型号的摄像机是最好的。

Nikon Z50 with two lenses for $1,200 ($150 off)



Nikon's newest APS-C mirrorless camera uses Nikon's Z lens mount. Aimed at those looking to step up from the world of smartphone photography, the Z50 is still reasonably light and compact but gives you the power of a much larger sensor and interchangeable lenses. I've played with it a bit and like what I've captured so far, especially using the very compact 16-50mm lens. This deal also includes a 50-250mm, giving you a huge focal-length range in a small, two-lens setup.


Canon EOS 6D Mark II for $1,199 ($400 off)

佳能EOS 6D Mark II售价1199美元(折价400美元)


Canon's long-awaited sequel to the 6D brings a much better 45-point autofocus system, a larger 26-megapixel sensor, and an articulating touchscreen. The 6D continues to be a great choice for the "prosumer"—someone who wants a great Canon but doesn't need the pro-oriented features of the more expensive 5D Mark IV, which is also on sale at $2,500 ($1,600 off).

佳能期待已久的6D带来了一个更好的45点自动对焦系统,一个更大的2600万像素的传感器,和一个清晰的触摸屏。对于"生产性消费者"来说,6D依然是一个不错的选择——他们想要一台好的佳能,但不需要更贵的5D Mark IV那种面向用户的功能。5D Mark IV也在以2500美元(折价1600美元)的价格出售。

Nikon D750 DSLR Camera With Accessories for $997 ($700 off)



Is it still worth buying this five-year-old camera? At this price? Definitely. It's capable of turning out fantastic images, the low-light performance is excellent, and the autofocus, while not on par with the current top of the line, is very good. The D750 is a great way to hop on the full-frame Nikon train.


Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Cam with 16-50mm Lens and Accessories for $448 ($200 off)

索尼Alpha A6000无镜头凸轮,16-50mm镜头及配件售价448美元(折价200美元)


Sony's A6000 was an underrated gem of a camera when it was first released, and even now, a couple years on, it's still a great option. It's light, compact, and delivers fantastic images. At this price you're getting a quality APS-C interchangeable lens system for the cost of a point-and-shoot. If you're not interested in the kit lens (and unlike the kit lens for the A7 II above, this one is just so-so), you can get the A6000 body alone for $398 ($150 off).

索尼公司的A6000在刚发布的时候是一个被低估的相机宝贝,即使是现在,过去几年了,它还是一个很好的选择。它轻巧,紧凑并且提供非常好的图像。在这个价格你可以得到一个搞质量APS-C可更换镜头系统,一次拍摄成本高。如果你对工具包镜头不感兴趣(不像上面提到的A7 II尚未工具包镜头,这个一般般),你可以花398美元(折价150美元)买到A6000机身。

Panasonic Lumix GX85 Mirrorless Camera with two lenses for $448

松下Lumix GX85双镜头无反光相机售价448美元


The GX85 is a great rangerfinder-style Micro Four Thirds camera (7/10, WIRED Review). It's a couple years old, but the 20-megapixel sensor is very sharp even by today's standards. The only downside is the electronic viewfinder, which is not great. But this kit is well-suited for travel, with two lenses that cover a huge range of photo situations.

Gx85是一款很棒的测距式微型4/3相机(7/10WIRED Review)。虽然它已经有几年的历史了,但是2000万像素的传感器仍然非常清晰,甚至可以以现在的标准来衡量。唯一不足的地方就是电子取景器,它不是很好。但是这个工具包非常适合旅行,在大范围照片情况下两个镜头可以完全覆盖。

Deals on Lenses


  • Adorama和B&H照片几乎为所有的相机系统提供了一些优惠的镜头
  • 对于佳能来说,17-40mmf/4L499美元(折价300美元)的佳能EF 17-40mmf/4L有很大优势。我也喜欢40mmf/2.8STM薄饼售价129美元(折价70美元)
  • 富士的16mm F1.4镜头售价899美元(折价100美元) ,我最喜欢的 Micro Four Thirds 镜头,松下 Lumix g 20mm f / 1.7镜头也有小幅折扣,268美元(折价30美元)(全价的话还是很划算的)
  • 对于忠实的手机摄影爱好者来说,Moment的长焦镜头现在正在打折(90美元(折价30美元)
  • Olloclip的手机摄影套装也在出售(100美元(折价50美元)其中保留一个手机夹、两个镜头、一个蓝牙快门释放装置和一个超细纤维包。

Drones and Accessories DealsPhotograph: DJI


DJI Mavic 2 Pro for $1,379 ($350 off)

DJI Mavic2pro售价1379美元(折价359美元)


DJI's Mavic 2 Pro is one of the best drones you can buy (9/10, WIRED Recommends). It's easy to fly, has tons of safety features—like omnidirectional obstacle avoidance—so you don't crash, and the camera is capable of some great 4K footage. There are two limitations to be aware of: Hyper-lapse video is limited to 1080p (HD), and the zoom only goes to 2X when shooting 4K.


Fujifilm Instax SP-3 Mobile Printer for $110 ($35 off)

富士Instax SP-3移动打印机,手机110美元(折价35美元)


The Instax SP-3 can turn your photos in to mini Polaroid-style prints. We print everything from not-so-great phone images to heavily processed images from a Sony full-frame camera. The SP-3 handles it all and spits out surprisingly nice prints you can pin up around the house.

Instax SP-3可以将你的照片转换成迷你宝丽来风格的照片。 我们所打印的东西来自于不那么好的手机图像,以重度处理的图像从索尼全画幅相机。 在 SP-3处理它所有,吐出惊人的漂亮的印花你可以钉在房子周围。

SanDisk Extreme 128 GB MicroSD Card for $20 ($46 off)

Sandisk Extreme 128GB MicroSD卡,手机上20美元(折价46美元)


You can never have too many memory cards, and you should never pay full price for them. Deals like this one happen frequently, but if you're like me, you never remember to grab them when they're on sale. Get one now and have it ready to go when you need it. This one isn't the best for video, but it's plenty fast for photos.


DJI Ronin Gimbal for $479 ($80 off)

DJI Ronin Gimbal售价479美元(折价80美元)


The Ronin Gimbal is our favorite way to get that Steadicam look on a budget. The Ronin is big enough for a mirrorless rig, like the Sony A7 cameras above, but is small enough that it's not a pain to tote to your shoot.

Ronin Gimbal是我们最喜欢的在预算内制作稳定器的方法。Ronin足够大,可以放下镜头,就像上图中的索尼A7相机,但它也足够小,不会让你在拍摄时感到痛苦。

Western Digital 12 TB External Hard Drive for $180 ($100 off)

Western Digital 12tb 外置硬盘售价180美元(折价100美元)


With 12 terabytes of storage, this monster of a drive should be able to keep up with even the most prolific of videographers.


SanDisk 2 TB Extreme Portable External SSD for $200 ($50 off)

Sandisk 2tb Extreme Portable External SSD,售价200美元(折价50美元)


This solid-state drive doesn't drop in price often. This one-day deal matches the one we saw last Prime Day. The lack of moving internal parts means superfast transfer speeds, while the ruggedized enclosure can withstand rain, dust, and falls. This deal is part of a larger one-day sale on SanDisk and WD gear.


 Manfrotto 61-inch Travel Tripod for $50 ($20)

Manfrotto 61英寸旅行三脚架售价50美元(折价20美元)


With a universal mount, and smartphone clip, this Manfrotto tripod can stabilize just about any camera. It's a little small and light for a giant DSLR with a huge telephoto lens, but I use it with a Sony A7ii with a 300mm lens all the time and it works great. I like that the leg extensions are clips rather than twist-style locks, which I find less sturdy.


Joby GorillaPod Phone Tripod for $14 ($10 off))

Joby GorillaPod手机三脚架售价14美元(折价10美元)


We're fond of this affordable, portable, and durable phone camera stand.


Cyber Monday Retailer Sales Pages


We've sifted through most of these major sales for you. But if you prefer to browse for more deals, here are some retailers to check.


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