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2019-12-17 15:10

Better than expected revenues couldn’t divert investor attention from the fact that Uber still managed to lose more than $1 billion in the most recent quarter as the company’s stock fell in after-hours trading.


There are bright spots in the latest earnings report, not least that the company managed to stanch the bleeding that had cost the company over $5 billion in the previous quarter.


Revenue grew to $3.8 billion, up from $2.9 billion in the year-ago period, representing a 30% boost. But even as Uber’s core business shows signs of stabilizing and its core markets continue to show growth, its other business units appear to be hemorrhaging cash at increasingly high rates.


“Our results this quarter decisively demonstrate the growing profitability of our Rides segment,” said Dara Khosrowshahi, the company’s chief executive, in a statement. “Rides Adjusted EBITDA is up 52% year-over-year and now more than covers our corporate overhead. Revenue growth and take rates in our Eats business also accelerated nicely. We’re pleased to see the impact that continued category leadership, greater financial discipline, and an industry-wide shift towards healthier growth are already having on our financial performance.”

该公司首席执行官达拉·科斯罗萨西(Dara Khosrowshahi)在一份声明中表示:“本季度的业绩明确表明,我们出行业务的盈利能力在不断增长” 他还说“调整后的息税折旧摊销前利润(EBITDA)同比增长52%,现在已经超过了我们公司的管理费用。我们的餐饮业务的收入以及客户转化率也长势喜人。我们很高兴看到,持续的品类领先地位、更严格的财务纪律以及全行业向更健康增长的转变,已经对我们的财务业绩产生了影响。”

Losses in earnings at the company’s Uber Eats business grew 67% to $316 million from $189 million in the year-ago period. And performance in the company’s freight division looks even worse. Losses in freight ballooned by 161%, growing to $81 million from $31 million in the same quarter of 2018.

公司优食(Uber Eats )业务的收益损失从去年同期的1.89亿美元增加到3.16亿美元,增幅为67%。该公司货运部门的表现甚至更糟。货运损失从2018年同期的3100万美元增至8100万美元,激增161%。

Also contributing to the company’s losses for the quarter were stock-based compensation expenses, which added another $401 million to the tallies against the company.


Given that the lock-up period is about to end for institutional investors, that could spell even more trouble for the company — as institutional investors who bought into the company before its public offering may look to sell.


That said, Uber has taken a number of steps to correct its course and put the company on a path to profitability, which Khosrowshahi says should happen in the next two years.

尽管如此,优步已经采取了一系列措施来纠正路线,让公司走上盈利之路。科斯罗萨西(Khosrowshahi )表示会在未来两年内实现。

In October, the company announced the last of three rounds of sweeping layoffs at the company that saw 1,185 staffers lose their jobs. Khosrowshahi called the layoffs a chance to ensure that the company was “structured for success for the next few years.” In an email to staff, he wrote, “This has resulted in difficult but necessary changes to ensure we have the right people in the right roles in the right locations, and that we’re always holding ourselves accountable to top performance.”

去年10月,该公司宣布了三轮大规模裁员的最后一轮,裁员人数达1,185人。科斯罗萨西(Khosrowshahi )称裁员是确保公司“在未来几年取得结构性成功”一次机会。他在给员工的一封电子邮件中写道,“这确实造成了一些困难但却是必要的改变,它可以保证我们在正确的地点在正确的岗位上有正确的员工担任职务,而且我们总是要为自己的最佳表现而负责。”

With the layoffs behind it, Uber can now focus on some of the big operational challenges it had set for itself through the reorganization that the company has announced. That includes adding new features and technologies to its Uber Eats delivery program (despite what recent losses at GrubHub may imply about the food delivery business) and pressing forward with another darling of the tech set these days — the company’s financial services platform.

随着裁员的结束,优步现在可以专注于一些重大的运营挑战,这些挑战是优步在宣布公司重组时就已经确立了的。这些挑战包括为优食(Uber Eats)外卖项目(尽管最近GrubHub的亏损可能暗示了外卖业务的亏损) 增加新功能和采用新技术,以及包括推进科技领域中现阶段另一个宠儿——优步金融服务平台。

The launch of this new platform, coupled with a slew of announcements from the company in September, show that Uber may have dialed back on its ambitions, but not by much. As Khosrowshahi said at the event, “We want to be the operating system for your everyday life…. A one-click gateway to everything that Uber can offer you.”

新平台的推出,再加上该公司9月份发布的一系列公告,表明优步虽然可能已经收敛了野心,但幅度不大。正如科斯罗萨西(Khosrowshahi )在发布会上所说:“我们希望成为你日常生活的操作系统……一个一键式连接优步所有服务的关口。”

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