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2019-11-08 17:31

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| 克里斯蒂·勒迈尔 2019年11月1日|

In a franchise that’s all about traveling to the past and tinkering with the timeline to prevent future tragedies from occurring, it makes perfect sense that the latest “Terminator” movie would engage in some revisionist history of its own.


“Terminator: Dark Fate” exists in a world (and IN A WORLD … to borrow from the late, great trailer narrator Don LaFontaine) where the previous three films in the series never even existed. Director Tim Miller, working from a script by David S. Goyer & Justin Rhodes and Billy Ray, picks up where the high-tech game-changer “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” left off in 1991. It’s as if we never had to slog through “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (2003), “Terminator Salvation” (2009) and “Terminator Genisys” (2015). (If only we could get that time back, too.)

“终结者:黑暗命运”在这个世界(“在这个世界……”一词引自已故的预告片旁白之王唐·拉方丹(Don LaFontaine)同名电影)是处于该系列前的三部续集电影都不存在的世界线。导演蒂姆·米勒Tim Miller)根据大卫·S·戈耶David S. Goyer)贾斯汀·罗兹Justin Rhodes)比利·雷Billy Ray)的剧本进行创作,故事延续了在1991年发行,改变了科幻电影游戏规则的《 终结者2:审判日 》的剧情。就像我们从来没有经历过“ 终结者3:机器的崛起 ”(2003年),“ 终结者:救世主 ”(2009年)和“ 终结者:创世纪 ”(2015年)一样。(也许我们也能让时光倒流)

This is an inspired idea, one born of ingenuity as well as pure survival instincts. This was an action franchise of mythological proportions that was steadily dying. It’s enough to make you wish the filmmakers had explored this approach for more than relentless action and empty fan service. “Dark Fate” recycles images, visual effects and even dialogue from the previous movies, including lines that have been uttered so many times in so many other pop-culture contexts that they now elicit groans within the confines of an actual “Terminator” setting. Sure, it’s great to see Linda Hamilton back, swaggering and kicking ass in the defining role of her career as Sarah Connor. But now she’s the one who gets to say “I’ll be back” (it’s hilarious!) as well as some other painfully clunky lines like: “I hunt Terminators. And I drink ‘til I black out.”

这是一个由独创性以及纯粹的求生欲所激发出的想法。对于一个正在逐渐走向消亡的传奇动作片系列来说,这足以让你希望电影制作者们能找到比单纯的打斗和榨取系列粉丝的价值更好的方法。《黑暗命运》重新使用了系列之前的电影中的图像,视觉特效甚至是对白,包括在许多其他流行文化背景下已经耳熟能详的台词,以至于它们现在能在真正的的“终结者”设定范围内引起共鸣。当然,看到琳达·汉密尔顿回归并重新扮演重要角色莎拉·康纳(Sarah Connor)真是太棒了。但现在她是一个会说“我会回来的”(这真的很有趣)的形象,同时也有一些沉痛的台词,例如:“我追捕终结者,然后酗酒直到不省人事。”

Hamilton deserves better. So do the other strong women who make up the film’s trio of warriors, fighting to protect each other and all of humanity from technological destruction. Again.


This time, in a present day where the machines haven’t taken over (yet), a woman drops from the sky in a glowing blue orb, naked but otherwise ready for her mission. Her name is Grace (a formidable Mackenzie Davis), she’s an “augmented” human soldier from the future and she’s arrived in Mexico City to keep a seemingly ordinary young woman from being killed. Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) is an upbeat auto factory worker whose mundane life gets turned upside down—sometimes literally—when an unstoppable machine of death comes after her.

这次,在机器尚未统治世界的现在,从空中的一个发光蓝色球体中,一个女人从天而降,赤身裸体,但已准备好执行任务。她的名字叫格蕾丝(Grace)(麦肯兹·戴维斯Mackenzie Davis )饰),她是未来的“增强型”人类士兵,为了保护一个貌似普通的年轻女子,她来到了墨西哥城。丹妮·拉莫斯(Dani Ramos)( 纳塔利娅·雷耶斯Natalia Reyes )饰)是一位积极向上的汽车制造厂工人,在一个永不停歇的杀人机器的追杀下,她的平凡生活从此急转直下。

He is the Rev-9 (a suitably stoic Gabriel Luna), the latest Terminator model, with all the ferocious fighting skills and morphing abilities of the T-1000 and then some. He can take a shotgun blast to the head and heal to perfection within seconds. He can turn his arms into spears, sledgehammers, guns, whatever weapons he needs with a mere flick of the wrist. He can get obliterated in a blast, his limbs scattered hither and yon, only to have them melt into gooey, black puddles that scurry across the floor to recreate his shape once more. (He’s like The Blob, only super evil.) He even has a skeleton that separates from his exterior, so he can fly a helicopter in the sky AND battle puny humans on the ground simultaneously.

他是Rev-9(由加布里埃尔·卢纳Gabriel Luna )饰),是最新的终结者型号,具有强悍的战斗技巧和与T-1000一样的变形能力等。他可以在头部被霰弹枪击中的几秒钟内完全恢复。他能将自己的肢体转变成长矛,大锤,枪支,或者任何他需要的武器,只需要稍微转动手腕就行。他可以被炸毁,肢体四处散落,融化成粘糊糊的黑色液体,最后在地面上汇聚后重新组合成他的形态(他就像变形怪体,只是超级邪恶)。他甚至有一个能与自己的外部结构分离的骨架,因此他可以在一部分驾驶直升机在空中进攻的同时,另一部分在地面上与人类作战。

Cool ideas all, and exciting improvements on the digital wizardry that dazzled us nearly three decades ago. The visual effects are consistently the strongest part of “Dark Fate.” But they’re in the service of a blockbuster that is relentless in its one-note intensity. Miller, who achieved a far more pleasing balance of action and comedy with the first “Deadpool” movie, functions here at a single, frenetic speed for two solid hours, and it is exhausting. The first, big fight scene between Grace and the Rev-9 is full of inventive, acrobatic choreography, and Miller and Oscar-nominated editor Julian Clarke were wise to let big sections of choreography play out. But eventually, the fact that the Rev-9 just keeps coming, over and over again, without the slightest trace of weakness or vulnerability grows repetitive and tedious.

所有创意都很棒,而且近三十年来,数字特效也有了令人振奋的进步。视觉效果始终是《黑暗命运》中最重要的部分,但这也是为了影片情节的爆发点而服务。米勒在《死侍1》中将动作和喜剧部分做到了非常好的平衡,而在《黑暗命运》中,他带来了单纯的肾上腺素狂飙的两个小时。在格雷斯(Grace)和Rev-9的第一个大型战斗场景中,有大量创造性的杂技动作设计,米勒和奥斯卡提名的编剧朱利安·克拉克(Julian Clarke )明智的将大部分这些动作设计发挥到了极致。但是最终,随着Rev-9一遍又一遍的卷土重来,而且没有出现任何弱点,这段剧情逐渐变得重复且无趣。

Even when Sarah Connor shows up out of nowhere in the midst of a lengthy, heart-pounding car chase to blow stuff up and then walk away without looking at it, she heightens the sense of anxiety, despite the arsenal in her truck and her detached, been-there-done-that demeanor. Hamilton looks fierce as ever but she’s stuck explaining things to her fellow female cohorts through inane expository dialogue that’s both haranguing and blasé. Sarah was Dani once—she understands the young woman’s confusion over her sudden sense of importance as well as the paranoia that fuels the group’s every move.

即使莎拉·康纳(Sarah Connor)在这场漫长的令人心碎的汽车追逐战中突然出现,把Rav-9炸飞并将爆炸甩在脑后,她依然增强了焦虑感。而在她做完这一系列动作后,作为军械库的卡车就被抢走了。汉密尔顿看起来还是一如既往地勇猛,虽然她一直坚持通过无聊并充满讽刺意味的对话,向她的队友解释事情的来龙去脉。萨拉(Sarah)曾经和丹妮(Dani)一样,她理解这位年轻女士对自己突然的重要性感到困惑,并且这种心态会影响这个团队的一举一动。

Then just when it seems so refreshing to have not one but a group of strong women at the center of an extreme (and extremely violent) action picture—part of a behemoth franchise about preventing the apocalypse—along comes Arnold Schwarzenegger to save the day. Because you couldn’t reboot the franchise without the original Terminator, theoretically. He said he’d be back, after all. But while it’s hugely amusing to discover where he’s been and what he’s been doing all this time, his banter with Sarah Connor is less than snappy.

然后,在一部纯粹(且极度暴力)的动作片(主题是为了阻止世界末日的发生)中心不是一个孤胆英雄,而是一群坚强的女士,这似乎令人耳目一新,直到阿诺德施瓦辛格出现并扭转败局。理论上,要重启这个系列就必须有原型终结者。毕竟他说过"I will be back"(我会回来的)。而且,探寻他这些时间里去了哪里和做了什么是一件很有趣的事,但他与莎拉·康纳间的互动(Sarah Connor)的确不那么有趣。

And it is sort of depressing in the end to find the film putting these badass ladies in the position of needing rescue from a man—even if he is an android—when they were doing just fine on their own, thank you very much.


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