Zhu Ziqing
2019-09-17 11:46


Zhu Ziqing(1898-1948), courtesy name Peixuan, is a local of Shaoxing county, Zhejiang province; he is a prominent litterateur and a professor of Tsinghua University. He experienced poverty but remained clean all his life. In 1948 when corruptive politics and soaring prices were rampant in Kuomintang controlled area, Zhu Ziqing, Dean of the Department of Chinese language and literature, earned a salary that was enough only to buy three sacks of flour, and  his family always suffered the scarcities of basic necessities. In spite of his delicate health and worsening stomach trouble, he could not afford to go to the hospital. Yet on June 18, without hesitation, he signed his name in the Declaration of Protest Against Us'  Support-of-Japan Policy  and Refusal of US Relief Flour.



Zhu Ziqing's repudiation of "relief food" added to his family's financial reverse, and to make matters worse, his illness was aggravated. On his diary, he wrote, " Although this may cause a monthly loss of 60 thousands legal tender and great pressure to the family, I'v still decided to sign. " In his opinion, this was a matter of national integrity, and he would never shirk his personal responsibility. What's remarkable, when he was hospitalized two months later for his deteriorating illness, on his deathbed, he still told his families,"I've signed on the Declaration to boy cott American flour. Our family must never buy American flour allotted by Kuomintang." Zhu Ziqing upheld Chinese nation's integrity and dignity until his last moment. 

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