苹果iPhone 11:成本、何时能买到、功能等等
Apple iPhone 11: Cost, When You Can Get It, Features, and More
2019-09-11 13:40

Apple unveiled a new lineup of iPhone 11 smartphones during an event on Tuesday.

周二,苹果在一场活动中发布了新款iPhone 11智能手机。

The company said the new iPhone would come with a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display and an aluminum body. It also comes with dual cameras on the back including one 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, as well as a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera for taking much wider shots.


In terms of new photo features, the camera comes with a portrait mode specifically for taking photos of pets with better resolution. Meanwhile, night mode is available for brightening up photos in dark environments.


On the video side, the cameras can record 4K clips in wide and ultra-wide modes. Apple also added a slow-motion selfie feature to the front camera.


Apple promises better performance in the iPhone 11 than its predecessor, the iPhone XR from last year. Apple called the processor, the A13 Bionic chip, the fastest ever in a smartphone.

苹果承诺iPhone 11将比去年推出的iPhone XR表现更好。苹果称A13仿生芯片处理器是智能手机中速度最快的芯片。

Even with the performance boost, Apple promised 26 hours of battery life on a single charge—one more hour than iPhone XR.

尽管性能提升,苹果公司承诺一次充电可续航26小时——比iPhone XR多一个小时。

The new phone will come in six colors, including red, green, and yellow.


Apple's iPhone 11 will start at $699—$50 cheaper than the $749 iPhone XR. Pre-orders will begin on Friday, Sept. 13 and the device will be available on Sept. 20.

苹果的iPhone 11起价为 $699—$50 ,比749美元的iPhone XR便宜。9月13日周五预购开始,9月20日发售。

A Higher End iPhone 11 Pro Lineup

高端的iPhone 11 Pro系列

Apple also unveiled on Tuesday the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, designed for those who want a "more advanced" iPhone—at a higher price, of course.

周二,苹果还发布了iPhone 11 Pro和iPhone 11 Pro Max,这两款手机是为那些想要“更高级”iPhone的人设计的,当然价格更高。

The devices are made from stainless steel and come with three cameras on the rear. They phones replace the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max from last year.

这些设备由不锈钢制成,并配有三个摄像头。他们的手机取代了去年的iPhone XS和iPhone XS Max。

The iPhone 11 Pro will be available in 5.8- and 6.5-inch versions. Their displays will have a 2 million to 1 contrast ratio for deep black and bright white color representation. That should mean richer and more accurate visuals on everything from photos to videos.

iPhone 11 Pro将有5.8英寸和6.5英寸两种版本。显示器对比度为200万对1,从深黑色到明亮的白色。这意味着从照片到视频的所有内容都更加丰富和准确。

Like the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro will feature an A13 Bionic chip matching the performance of two other new phone models. However, Apple said that the Pro will have 24 hours of battery life, four more than its iPhone XS predecessor. Meanwhile, iPhone XS Max will have 30 hours of battery life, five more than the iPhone XS Max.

与iPhone 11一样,iPhone 11 Pro也将配备A13仿生芯片,性能与其他两款新手机相当。然而,苹果公司表示,Pro电池续航时间长达24小时,比iPhone XS的前身多4小时。与此同时,iPhone XS Max的电池续航时间将达到30小时,比iPhone XS Max多5小时。

An 18W charger Apple included with the phone should also provide faster charging, according to the company.


The Pro models will have three 12-megapixel cameras, including wide and ultra-wide cameras like in the iPhone 11. Its third camera will offer telephoto capturing, which Apple said, would deliver "pro photography" features including a far better zoom than the wide and ultra-wide shooters.

Pro机型将配备3个1200万像素的摄像头,包括像iPhone 11那样的宽屏和超宽屏摄像头。它的第三款相机将提供远摄功能,苹果表示,这款相机将提供“专业摄影”功能,包括比宽幅和超宽幅相机更好的变焦。

Apple also said it plans to introduce a new camera feature in a software update this fall called Deep Fusion. The feature uses machine learning to analyze 10 images and selects the most accurate pixel in each of them to deliver the best-looking photo it can.

苹果还表示,计划在今年秋季的软件更新中引入一项名为“深度融合”(Deep Fusion)的新功能。该功能使用机器学习来分析10幅图像,并在每幅图像中选择最精确的像素,以提供它所能提供的最好看的照片。

The phones will be available in anew "midnight green" finish in addition to the usual Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.


Apple said that its iPhone 11 Pro will start at $999 while the iPhone 11 Pro Max will start at $1,099. The devices will be available for pre-order on Friday, Sept. 13. and arrive on store shelves on Sept. 20.

苹果表示,其iPhone 11 Pro起价999美元,而iPhone 11 Pro Max起价1,099美元。这些设备将于9月13日(周五)预售。并于9月20日上架销售。

Apple will continue to sell iPhone 8, at $449, and iPhone XR at $599.

苹果将继续以449美元的价格销售iPhone 8,以599美元的价格销售iPhone XR。

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