What to Know About Apple's New iPad
2019-09-11 13:56

Apple showed off a new iPad tablet on Tuesday during an event at its Cupertino, Calif. headquarters at which it also unveiled new iPhones. The new base-model iPad has several software and hardware tweaks compared to the previous version, and a few things that haven’t changed much at all.


What’s new in the iPad?


A 10.2-Inch Retina Display


That’s significantly bigger than the 9.7-inch display on the 2018 basic model. Apple says the new display has 3.5 million pixels.


Smart Connector


Apple’s Smart Connector provides connectivity and power for accessories, primarily keyboards. Unlike Bluetooth-connected keyboards, Apple’s various ‘Smart Keyboards’ don’t rely on their own batteries or require a pairing process. The Smart Connector has previously been limited to the more expensive iPad Pro and iPad Air models.

苹果的智能连接器为配件(主要是键盘)提供连接和电源。与蓝牙键盘不同的是,苹果的各种“智能键盘”不依赖于自身的电池,也不需要配对。此前,智能连接器仅限于价格更高的iPad Pro和iPad Air机型。

A flexible keyboard


The new iPad operating system, iPadOS 13, has an improved one-handed typing option. The onscreen keyboard pops up at the bottom edge of the screen, and can be repositioned wherever it's needed on the screen. That seems genuinely useful, especially as the iPad gets a bit bigger. The feature is similar to new options in iOS 13 for iPhone, and both updates arrive September 19.

新的iPad操作系统iPadOS 13改进了单手打字功能。屏幕上的键盘在屏幕的底部边缘弹出,可以在屏幕上需要的任何位置重新定位。尤其是在iPad变得更大的时候,这似乎挺有用。这一功能类似于iPhone iOS 13提供的将于9月19日发布的两个新选择。

100% Recycled Aluminum Casing


Apple is on a quest for sustainability. Last year, it announced that iPad Pro enclosures (and some other products) would be made from 100% recycled aluminum. This year that will extend to the base model, as well.

苹果正在寻求可持续发展。去年,它宣布iPad Pro外壳(和其他一些产品)将100%由回收铝制成。今年,将其扩展到基础机型中。

What hasn’t changed (significantly)


A10 Fusion Processor


The same processor as last year’s 9.7-inch model. 


Apple Pencil Support


The Apple Pencil is a $99 accessory that allows users to digitally draw on the screen. It was also an option on last year’s model.


Touch ID


There had been rumors that the fingerprint-reading Touch ID tech wouldn't be available in Apple devices, possibly entirely replaced by Face ID. As it turns out, you'll still be able to secure both your iPhone and iPad with your fingerprint—for now.


The price


The new iPad is available for preorder directly from Apple for $329 (or $299 for educational customers), and will ship on Sept. 30. That’s the same price as last year’s 9.7-inch model— so you’re getting more for your money.


Meanwhile, the previous iPad model is already being discounted widely, with retailers including Walmart and Amazon currently selling it for $249.


Apple didn’t have anything to say today about other iPad models, such as the iPad Pro, iPad Mini, or iPad Air. There are expected to be several variants of the current iPad generation, but more information about those isn't expected from Apple until October.

对于iPad Pro、iPad Mini或iPad Air等其他iPad型号,苹果今天没有发表任何评论。预计目前这一代iPad将会有几个版本,但预计苹果要到10月份才会发布更多相关信息。

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