How Mencius' Mother Educates Her Son
2019-09-16 17:41


When Mencius was young ,his family used to migrate to somewhere nearby a graveyard. Fully exposed to funeral ceremonies, Mencius and his playmates imitated burying and mourning proceedings. Mencius' mother thought the surroundings could badly affected her son's education, so she moved their home to other location. Their new house was located at a market neighborhood, where Mencius began to learn the ways of business people, bargaining and haggling. Unwilling to make her son grow up as a businessman, Mencius' mother relocated their home again.


This time they moved into the house adjacent to a school, where Mencius began to learn the Classics and etiquette along with the students. Mencius thought it was a right place for her son's upbringing and decided to stayed there permanently. This shows that Mencius' mother clearly understood the  surrounding influence to children's growth. These are the stories about how " Mencius' mother moved three times".



One day, Mencius came back home before school let out. His mother called him to stand by the loom and watch her weaving. After quite a while, She abruptly cut the unfinished cloth off with a knife, which made Mencius puzzled and asked his mother why. The mother explained patiently," If you quit school half way, it's like my cutting the cloth before it is finished." The mother's induction profoundly impressed Mencius. From then on, Mencius studied assiduously and eventually became a prominent ideologist and educator during the Warrior States period and he has been remembered throughout Chinese history.

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