Peace Elite: Players have found the secret of brushing Magnum. As the unlocking way is too simple, Photon lost itself in thought
2019-08-26 13:22


Peace Elite is a leisure mobile game of counter-terroism military developed by Tencent, and is as popular as the PUBG ( PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) by players with its free play, random, custom tactics, and similarity to the client game PUBG. In addition to the classic four major maps, there are of course other modes: zombie mode, team competition mode, death fighting mode...I’m sure everyone know that there will be a new mode of formal service: firefight, with vehicles and weapons exclusive for firefight mode. 


 Today's theme: Players have found the secret of brushing Magnum, and it is too easy to unlock the magnum, but the photon lost itself in thought. 

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Recently, a private message from one of the peace elite fans has asked: Could the helicopter crush the super weapon box in firefight mode? After all, it is very difficult to get the super weapon box and the helicopter in this mode. If you can successfully crush and blow up the helicopter, it will destroy these two equipment that can be met by fortune.


At the beginning of the game the helicopter was successfully gotten, then it flew to the nearby of the super weapon, and stopped to see if there are enemy around. After confirming that there are no enemies, the helicopter landed on the super box, with one minute to go before the super weapon box opens. 


Within this minute, I went to a nearby house to search for some supplies, and if the super weapon box can be pinned down, I would try to blow up the helicopter, so that the super weapon box can be opened. 


After a long minute, when the super weapon box was opened, the super weapon couldn't be pinned down as it was expected. The helicopter was opened with the weapon box, and the contents inside which could be still picked up. It seems that the helicopter cannol control the opening of the super weapon box.


Recently, some peace elite players in the experience service have found the refreshing method of infinite bulets, which is as follows: two guns of the same type are needed (rifles, pistols, submachine, etc), one with an expanded magazine and the other one with a rapid magazine, and the backpack needs to be filled with supplies. The first step is to load the gun with the expansion magazine; The second step is to open the backpack and switch the expansion magazine and the fast mag. At that point, more than 30 bullets would be fired. 

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There is not much to be paid attention, but the same type of gun is needed, and a capacity expansion and a fast mag are prepared. If the backpack can not be filled, it can be thrown away, so the capacity is easily filled. Learning video method can be sure enough brushed out the bullets.


AWM is the most damaging sniper rifle in the peace elite, but it has its own bullet magnum, and only appears in air drops, but can the infinite bullet method be implemented in AWM?

答案是可以的,只需要单独一把AWM装上扩容弹夹,背包也填满,当把扩容弹夹取下后依旧会出现马格南。有些小伙伴会问这些刷出来的子弹有伤害吗?答案依然是 有的,与拾取来的子弹一模一样。

The answer is yes. You just need a separate AWM with the expansion magazine, and the backpack is filled, then the magnum still appears when the expansion magazine is removed. Some friends may ask if these bulled brushed out are damaging? The answer is still yes, just like the bullets we picked up. 

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