Nike buys an AI startup that predicts what consumers want
耐克收购一家预测消费者需求的 AI 初创公司
2019-08-13 12:01

Nike’s market cap has swollen past $100 billion, but the shoe company still sees potential to learn more about what customers want and how to source and stock products to meet those needs. The company announced that it has acquired the Boston-area startup Celect to help Nike beef up its predictive analytics strengths.


Like any good Boston startup, Celect’s tech came out of MIT — both of the company’s co-founders were professors there. The startup’s tech focuses on delivering data insights after being fed a bunch of structured and unstructured retail data. These insights allow retailers to see cost/benefit analysis of arranging their inventory, something that might interest Nike, which banked $36.4 billion in revenue last year.


“As demand for our product grows, we must be insight-driven, data-optimized and hyper-focused on consumer behavior. This is how we serve consumers more personally at scale,” Nike COO Eric Sprunk said in a statement.

“随着市场对我们产品的需求不断增长,我们必须以数据洞见为导向,进行数据优化,并高度关注消费者行为。这就是我们大规模为消费者提供更个性 服务的方式。” 耐克首席运营官埃里克·斯普朗克(Eric Sprunk)在一份声明中表示。

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.


Celect raised more than $30 million from investors, including August Capital, NGP Capital and Activant Capital. The company most recently closed a $15 million Series C in December of last year.

Celect的融资总额超过了3000万美元,投资者包括August Capital、NGP Capital以及ActivantCapital。该公司最近一笔融资是去年12月完成的C轮融资,金额为1500万美元。

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