is whitening bad for teeth?
2019-08-13 14:32

If you’re anything like me, celebrity smiles and Colgate ads make you feel guilty about your regular consumption of coffee, red wine, tea, and all the other fun things we’re told will stain our teeth.


And the solution seems so easy – a box of whitening strips from the supermarket shelf tells us so. But does whitening teeth also remove some of what keeps them healthy? And might they be more easily stained afterwards?


We asked five experts if whitening is bad for teeth.


Five out of five experts said no…


But they all had a pretty big caveat. It’s safe provided it’s done by a dentist. So for this you’re looking at upwards of a few hundred dollars, rather than just a trip to the supermarket.


Here are their detailed responses:


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Disclosures: Alexander is a Federal Councillor for the Australian Dental Association Inc. and occasionally works clinically within private dental practice. Kelly is employed by CQUniversity to teach in the Bachelor of Oral Health program. Under the supervision of registered dental professionals, students deliver professional tooth whitening procedures at the university clinic. Madhan is a NHMRC Sidney Sax Research Fellow in Public Health and Health Services at the University of Sydney and Kings College London. He is a full time oral health researcher, and is not currently involved in any clinical practice. Rebecca works in paediatric practice that does not offer whitening procedures.

披露:亚历山大是澳大利亚牙科协会公司的联邦委员,偶尔也会在私人牙科诊所进行临床工作。凯利受雇于中央昆士兰大学,教授口腔健康学士学位课程。在注册牙科专业人员的监督下,学生在大学诊所提供专业的牙齿美白程序。 Madhan是悉尼大学和伦敦国王学院公共卫生与健康服务的NHMRC Sidney Sax研究员。他是一名全职口腔健康研究员,目前尚未参与任何临床实践。丽贝卡在儿科领域工作,不从事美白业务。

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