Samsung Galaxy Note 10 May Be Cancelled Due To This Potential Problem
由于这个潜在的问题,三星Galaxy Note 10可能会被取消
2019-07-11 17:58

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is at risk of cancellation as the SPen could be compromising the device’s overall quality.

三星Galaxy Note 10存在被取消的风险,因为SPen可能会影响设备的整体质量。

A recently revealed leak by Ice Universe, a well-known Samsung insider show how SouthKorea’s tech giant might consider dumping the plans of pushing through with the Note 10 production. The alleged possible cancellation comes in response to the increasing call from the public to halt the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 assembly role out.

最近一位着名的三星内幕消息称,Ice Universe最近曝光了泄密事件,展示了韩国科技巨头如何考虑放弃推动Note 10生产的计划。所谓的可能取消是为了响应公众越来越多的呼吁停止三星Galaxy Note 10组装的角色。

Ice’s leak revealed that Samsung allegedly sacrificed some of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s special features just to give room for the SPen which requires Samsung’s flagship device quite a lot. The Korean tech giant opted to cut 800 mAh from the Note 10 battery to be able to house the SPen.

Ice的泄密事件显示三星据称牺牲了一些三星Galaxy Note 10的特殊功能,只是为SPen提供了空间,这需要三星的旗舰设备相当多。这家韩国科技巨头选择从Note 10电池中减少800 mAh,以便能够容纳SPen。

The 20 percent deduction from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 capacity seemed not enough as Samsung was also forced to move away from aggressive cameras just to give way for the large space that the SPen requires. Such amount of deduction from the battery size could compromise the device’s capacity and compromise Note 10’s reputation as competitors such as Apple tend to increase their devices’ battery performance by 20 percent, annually.

从三星Galaxy Note 10容量中扣除的20%似乎还不够,因为三星也不得不放弃激进的相机,只是为了让SPen所需的大空间让位。从电池尺寸中扣除的这一数额可能会影响设备的容量和危害。注意事项10作为Apple等竞争对手的声誉往往会使其设备的电池性能每年提高20%。

With the growing competition in the smartphone market, consumers are looking at some common factors to consider in choosing a device to buy. Battery and camera which Samsung recently sacrificed on the Galaxy Note 10 are two of the major aspects that users are looking at and having them compromised for the sake of SPen may pose a serious risk in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 sales.

随着智能手机市场竞争的日益激烈,消费者正在考虑选择购买设备时需要考虑的一些常见因素。三星最近在Galaxy Note 10上牺牲的电池和相机是用户正在关注的两个主要方面,并且为了SPen而让它们受到损害可能会给三星Galaxy Note 10的销售带来严重风险。

Samsun Galaxy Note may be a popular catch with the loyalty rate from Galaxy customers remaining consistent every time the new series is released in the market. However, the tight competition in the mobile market gives the consumers a wider variety of options to choose from including Samsung’s own S-series.

Samsun Galaxy Note可能是一个流行的捕获,每当新系列在市场上发布时,Galaxy客户的忠诚度保持不变。然而,移动市场的激烈竞争为消费者提供了更多选择,包括三星自己的S系列。

If Samsung S-series could provide the Samsung Galaxy Note the satisfaction with its uncompromised features at a lower price, chances are the tech giant might truly halt the Note 10 production. Samsung S10 Plus, the company’s most recent release technically surpassed the Note 10 in performance and many aspects not to mention the cheaper market price.

如果三星S系列能够以更低的价格为三星Galaxy Note提供其无与伦比的功能,那么科技巨头可能会真正停止Note 10的生产。三星S10 Plus,该公司的最新版本在技术上超过了Note 10的性能和许多方面,更不用说更便宜的市场价格。

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